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Odium to the Core Switch Review
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Odium to the Core Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: QubicGames


Publisher: QubicGames

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Release Date: Out Now


Price as of Article: $4.99 USD, £4.49 GBP

Game code provided by QubicGames

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Guide Odium through a music-fuelled adventure like no other while you aim to stop the evil corruption which is spreading out of control. Reach the core and save what’s left of your dying world!

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Gameplay reminds me of two games: one being Flappy Bird and the other is Badland – both pretty similar to each other with a few differences. Flappy Bird consists of pressing a button just enough to keep the bird in flight while avoiding pillars, while Badland is more about avoiding extreme hazards, like buzz-saws, vices, and lasers to name a few. Odium to the Core is little bit of both.


With the same mechanics as Flappy Bird and the extreme hazards of Badland, just throw them into a blender and add a killer soundtrack, some awesome visual flair, and Odium to the Core would pop out.

Get me to the Core!

There’s one main focus in Odium to the Core and that’s to get to the end of the level without dying. To get there, you’re only going to need one button. It’s a single control set-up, making this easy pick up but difficult to master.


But even though the controls are easy to use, the levels will definitely give you a run for your money. Believe me, it isn’t going to be an easy ride. There are 15 levels with increased difficulty, as well as 3 huge boss encounters that will test your skills and you patience to limit.

Odium Screenshot 2


Each level has 3 things that you can opt to do or not.

+ first one is to collect all orbs in each level


+ second is to get the highest score

+ third is to find all secret paths located in level


However, it’ll be in your best interest to try and collect all extras, as you can trade in collectibles to unlock extra unlockable characters which you can use in the main mode as well as in the endless mode. This is a nice feature which promotes replaying levels again and again for higher scores.

There are even boss encounters which require quick reflexes to get through. Each one is a unique run through buzz saws and projectiles… just try not to die, ok?



One thing that is unique here compared to others, is how the screen moves with your character. Screen changes its angle as you move up and down. I thought this might have been an issue, as I do suffer from motion sickness on certain titles, but it wasn’t an issue here, thankfully. I thought it was good, as it added an extra flair to the title which made the game feel quite thrilling to play.

The colour palette is bright and vibrant. Add a shock of neon and the game looks fantastic on the handheld screen – it makes the game pop! The screen is also filled with instant death triggers, and with the added intensity of how levels play out, it is quite heart pounding!


This is definitely a great title to pick up and play for a few minutes on a train or on your lunch break. 

There is another mode called endless which, again, is a great pick-up and play option. It’s a continuous run with a non-stop approach. One life to live and a new mechanics is thrown into the mix as the difficulty increases. 


The less you move, the more points you’ll gain, but it can be difficult as your character has quite a big arch when moving up and down, so judging when to rise and fall can get tricky when spaces become tight and hazards fill screen.

Odium Screenshot 3


Patience please!

One thing is certain, you will not be able to complete these levels quickly as each level is a test of patience and discipline. One hit by anything and it’s instant death. There are checkpoints to help you out, but other than that, you’re on your own here.

I found that collecting most of the orbs is really frustrating as each one is pretty small and missing them is a pretty easy thing to do while moving quickly through a stage. Only control you have here is rising and falling, the speed is all automatic.


The game is quite hard, so if you’re not very patient, then maybe give this one a miss. I did rage quit a few times on some of the latter levels as the difficulty increases ten-fold.

Chasing scores!

One of the cool features is trying to rank up to the highest score possible while pressing the button repeatedly to keep the character in the air and away from danger.



The less you press the button, the more points you’ll receive, and this is the way to achieve some of the higher scores. It’s difficult… yes, but satisfying once you’ve achieved it.

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The soundtrack was apparently specifically made for each level. Music can be quite machine-like; techo, club-like music which fits the high-octane levels well and keep you fixed at the goal at hand.

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Visuals in Odium to the Core are really nice and pop off the screen with its neon tones and black silhouettes. Colours are bright and in your face with the animated backgrounds that can bring the screen to life. There are also cartoon-like FMVs through the game that tell the story of Odium to the Core which is a nice inclusion.

Performance has been smooth and everything works like it should. I’ve not experienced any issues to speak of.


Its game icon fits well on the Nintendo Switch’s home screen with its title displayed clearly in the centre, the main character behind the text, and a lime green hue surrounding background.

The game also supports screenshots and video capture.

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For a small price of £4.49, you really can’t go wrong here. There is a main story mode with 15 levels, an endless mode, multiple collectables, and 20+ unlockables.

Update – The game is currently on sale for £2.99, 33% off, so it’s the best possible time to pick it up! Sales last till 27/01/19.

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Single button control

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15 levels

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20+ to unlock

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Unique monochromatic art style

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