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New Tactical RPG Rise Eterna + Exclusive interview
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What is Rise Eterna?

From Developer Makee and Forever Entertainment, Rise Eterna is a new turn-based tactical RPG in the same vein as Final Fantasy tactics and Regalia: Of Men And Monarchs. The battle system is grid-based, compiling of many squares, where a character’s statistics and weapon will determine how far they can move and attack. Only one character can move at any time, and if the enemy is within attack range, usually the character can attack the enemy once per turn. The fight normally lasts until the enemies are killed or the fight condition is met. One wrong move can lead to a quick and untimely demise for the player’s team.

character select



Follow the story of Lua and unveil the mysteries surrounding her origins in this tactical RPG that is reminiscent of the 16-bit era Japanese strategy games. Recruit up to 14 heroes, each with there own unique abilities, and defeat your enemies during epic fights. Unveil a dark and mature story focused on the relationship between two lost souls trying to discover the meaning of their life by fighting side by side.

Reasons to be excited for Rise Eterna

I will list a few reasons why you should be excited about Rise Eterna:

  • A story where relationships matter – a lot
  • Dark storyline
  • 14 different characters to choose from, each with their own skills
  • Levelling up skills and customising characters however you like
  • 10 to 12 hours of story, spread over 25 chapters; longer if you want to level up all 14 characters
  • Hidden content
  • Craft new more powerful weapons
  • Some interesting surprises along the way
  • Battles look lovely and well animated

rise eterna gif


Here is an exclusive interview from the Developer behind Rise Eterna


Hello, can you introduce yourself and your game?


“Hey, I’m Benjamin, I’ve been working in the game industry for the past 7 years. Before, I was leading Sushee, a video game studio in France, we were making Fear Effect games for Square Enix. I stopped a few months ago, and now I’m fully focused on an indie game studio I just created: Makee. I create the game I really love to play: old fashioned Japanese games mainly.

Rise Eterna is our first game announced, but we have several other unannounced. And it will be my third game shipped, after Goetia, a point and click horrific game, and Fear Effect Sedna, released last year.”

Could you tell our readers about Rise Eterna?

“Rise Eterna is a dream come true for me. I really love Fire Emblem, Tactic Ogres, and Final Fantasy Tactics games. Of course, today’s games are great, but I really miss the SNES / GBA era, these great pixel-art animations, they were a true masterpiece, in my opinion.

I really wanted to bring this feeling back, and add a bit of myself. I’m passionate about a dark story involving the relationship between two opposite characters. Think about Leon the professional, Wolverine, The Last of Us… This is really the kind of story I wanted to write.

So, I mixed these 2 passions and voilà! Rise Eterna idea was born. I just needed to find the right people to do it with me, so I asked my friends Zbigniew and Cédric, they’re both very important for the project, and I’m very proud that it is being made somewhere between France, Japan, and Poland.”

rise eterna world map


What are the main influences?

“In terms of gameplay, as I said, Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones, Tactics Ogre, and Final Fantasy Tactics (on GBA and DS), of course, but we added a lot of new features, especially in characters customisation and interactions.

On a story side, as I said, every movie featuring 2 lost characters about to lose everything, and being reborn because of their unexpected meeting is an inspiration for me. It is not a rare topic, a lot of movies, books, and video games are focused on this kind of story, but it always resonates in me, so I wanted to try to write my own story about this.”

How does the game progress?


“Recruit characters, fight, loose, fine tune your characters, fight, win. Nothing very special here, but between fights, you can (and should) redo fights, harvest resources, and try to craft better weapons and items. Improving character relations is extremely important too because unlike Fire Emblem, you can make group attack (something like in Advance Wars).”

What classes of fighters are present, if any? And do they have any particular skill set?

“You can recruit up to 14 characters, each is very unique, they share only a few skills, most of them are unique. Understanding them is extremely important as certainly will not work if another one is not on the battlefield, it’s all about symbiosis. And that’s exactly what I was looking for, I want you to know and understand each character, with his/her own story, strengths, and weaknesses. You will need to understand each and every character to get the best of them, and not only in terms of gameplay, but also in terms of story and relationship. Like in every human group, one of your units can love or hate another one. They will fight together nonetheless, but will fight better with people they love and want to protect.”

How do you pick a team? Do the characters level up?


“You are free to choose your team for every battle, only Lua and Natheal need to be there, as they are main characters. As I said, you have to fine tune the characters you want to use to get the best of them.
Characters do level up, but not the traditional way. Each time you complete a story map, they earn a skill point to use in their unique skill tree. Each character has 2 skill trees, and you will not be able to complete both, but each skill tree gives an obvious specialization to the character, so it’s very up to your way of playing.
Furthermore, you’ll be able to improve every character with orbs crafted on their weapons, it’s how their statistic raise. No XP, no levels, just your choices.”

How do battles progress?

“Like in every tactical RPG, you start the battle being able to put the unit you want on special spots, but of course, during the fight, you may have surprises… Let’s see.”

tactical rpg


How long is Rise Eterna?

“The story contains 25 chapters, but in-between, it’s recommended to gather resources, it’s really up to the player, it’s possible to rush the game and complete it in few hours, maybe 10 to 12. But if you want to improve your characters, it may take much more time.

And this is not to mention the hidden content, but I will let you discover that after the game’s release.”

What other mechanics are there? (No need to go into detail unless its something really different)


“I think I mentioned every main mechanism. I’m really proud, because I’m sure we developed a very unique gameplay, it will obviously make you think of Fire Emblem and Tactic Ogres, but you will feel refreshed with the new and modern mechanisms.”

When is the likely release date?

“We’re aiming for mid-2019, we really want to polish the level design and the story.”

Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?


“Thank you for your interest, don’t hesitate to add Rise Eterna to your wishlist, and follow our blog on, we are a small team, extremely motivated and we are eager to get your feedback on what you see, so do not hesitate to send us a tweet: @Anseaume and @RicciCedric!”

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