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My Memory Of Us Switch Review
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My Memory Of Us Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: Juggler Games / Crunching Koalas

Publisher: Crunching Koalas

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Release Date: Out Now

Price as of Article: $14.99 $13.49USD, £13.49 £12.14GBP*

*Offer expires on 24th February 2019

Game code provided by Crunching Koala 

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My Memory Of Us is based on the events from World War II in Warsaw. The Evil King is sending in his robot troops to round up and segregate citizens, destroying and looting houses, leaving families to live in separate parts of the city. All this chaos is seen through the eyes of children, allowing them to cope with the horrors of war.

Two kids find themselves thrust together in the midst of the war and create a bond straight away. Their friendship alone will not be enough to save them from what is happening around them, working together they may stand a chance. 


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My Memory Of Us is a fairly simple game to play. Using the stick or the D-Pad, you move the characters left and right, and when prompted, up and down, which is normally used for climbing and entering doors. It interacts with people and objects, again, when prompted. The B button will allow you to cancel a move or grab, as well as allowing the girl or the boy to perform their ability to sneak or run. The X button allows for the girl and boy to hold or let go of each other’s hand. Pressing R will change the character that is being controlled while L provides for specific actions.

The Importance Of Team Work

The only way the two children will be able to survive the war is to work together to solve simple puzzles. Most of the time, they will be together working with each other to get over the current obstacle in their way. One problem sees the kids collecting apples; the girl ends up with a slingshot, allowing her to knock off the apples while the boy moves the basket. Once full, it takes both of them to push the basket back to where it is to go. 

Some scenarios will see the Boy or the Girl go at it alone and be the only one that can enter somewhere. Others will involve each of them having to perform their own separate actions to help the other one. These are standard dual character puzzle setups.

Run or Sneak

Each child has his or her ability: the boy is a good thief, so he can sneak and hide behind objects, making it harder to be found; whereas the girl can run. I found myself controlling mainly the girl, as she could move faster and saves time on the parts that did not need sneaking. There is a right balance between needing to run or sneak that breaks up the levels.

The game does an excellent job of making sure that if you are caught (and you will be), that you are sent back to the start of the area you were found and not right to the beginning of the level. When saving and exiting the game, the same thing happens, you will start where you left off. I was glad about this, as I have kids and I was jumping off and on it to do various things, and I did not lose a ton of progress.


There is nothing new in the form of gameplay in My Memory Of Us; this does not mean the game is not fun, as it is I enjoyed my time with it. Just shows that sticking to a formula works. The real outstanding part is the story and voice acting – it was written and performed outstandingly.

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Within My Memory Of Us, the characters do not speak. They make sounds that convey the emotion that they are feeling and speech bubbles appear to allow the player to understand what is said. I really enjoyed this. It makes you feel more involved in the story and you have to pay more attention to what is going on.

The sound effects and music are really good, working perfectly together to make you feel the tension in the air, the fear of the children, as well as other citizens and the overall mood of the city. From the happy tunes playing at the start, to the robot dogs barking and hunting the children down, each sound has a purpose and a reason.

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The best part of the audio is the narration done by the legend, Patrick Stewart. His tone and overall age in his voice make it seem like the recollection of memories of someone who was there in the war. 

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Visually, My Memory Of Us is presented in a black and washed-out white for the first few levels. Then red is added to the palette in the style of the Red Coat Girl in Schindler’s list. As based on World War II, this shows the Jews and how they were not free within the City, and were removed from their homes and identified. The simple colour palette lends to the feeling of unease, as well as make you think about what was happening.

When it comes to performance, there were no significant slow downs or problems. However, there was a slight problem in the last level that was a boss fight, if you died as it was aiming at you, the aim line may be left on the screen. Other than that small problem, the game ran smoothly.

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My Memory Of Us comes in at $14.99 $13.49USD, £13.49 £12.14GBP, with a 10% off ’till the 24th February 2019. This is one I would say buy, it is a sweet and sad story, based on actual events, and along with that, takes about 4 – 5 hours to finish. It is worth the price.

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Based on true events

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The history is present

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Outstanding voice acting

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Simple colour to convey what happened

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Solid controls

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Would liked it to be longer

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Most of the puzzles are too simple

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