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Jettomero: Hero of the Universe Switch Review

Jettomero: Hero of the Universe Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: Ghost Time Games

Publisher: Ghost Time Games

Release Date: Out Now

Price as of Article: $13.00 USD, £9.89 GBP

Game code provided by Ghost Time Games for review

Jettomero is about a giant, indestructible, clumsy robot whose main objective is to save mankind.

In this game, you control an indestructible robot who is not only incredibly clumsy but has a real personality. He can’t remember why he was built early on in his adventure but he knows that he has to find away to remember who he is and why he was created.

This starts you on path of discovery through universe.

When you start exploring, you realise this is all procedurally generated – no universe will be the same. To travel to new worlds and solar systems you need to fly through wormholes.

Jettomero Screenschot 2

Final frontier!

Once you appear in a new solar system, you can fly to any planet and land on and explore that spherical world in a Mario galaxy fashion – it is just wonderful!

You find yellow shards on each planet and by collecting them you can fill up your gas tank. Once full, you will be able fly to other planets. These yellow shards can be found in space too and sometimes while collecting them yellow rings will open up for you fly through. Making collecting them a little more enjoyable.

You can move around with left analog stick and watch as your huge robot crashes and stumbles around each planet. Each planet may contain life and seeing you stomp your way around a planet may turn these once peaceful individuals into hostiles and they will attack you with force.  However, you’re indestructible and shots will rebound off of your metallic hide… muhahaha!

One thing I find endearing is that the robot has a reaction to things that are happening around him.  If he steps on a building or tank, he will apologies.  He may end up stumbling into a volcano and he may end up yelping or saying something like “Oops! I didn’t mean that.”

It’s just quite comical to see this robot actually caring about what’s happening below him, where as your typical monsters would just destroy and ask questions later. I found this a refreshing change of perspective.

As you search each planet for answers, you will come across different environmental or accidents – fires, for example. Again, your robot will be concerned and will want to help even though he ends up destroying everything he touches.

But it adds to his caring nature and you start to want to know why he was created and what his purpose is.

Kajiu is that you?

As you travel from planet to planet, you may encounter large monsters attacking!  At which point, your robot will intervene. Game play changes to a quick time input scenario. Press each of the buttons highlighted to increase your laser beam – with each successful input, the beam gets closer to the monster and after you completed it, the monster will be obliterated into millions of pieces.

However, this is where the story comes into effect! Your robot will start to remember his past and a new gameplay mechanics will begin.

Jettomero Screenschot

Puzzle time!

You will begin to remember you past however your memory is scrambled and a little puzzle will begin.

All you need to do is decipher the code to make it readable. You turn little dials at the bottom to cycle through letters to make sentences understandable.

If you’re successful, you will be treated to a little comic book event and given more information on who and why he was created.

I don’t want to spoil anything, so I won’t tell you any more about story than I already have as I feel like it will spoil your experience with Jettomero.

Dress up!

While you’re exploring, you can find areas that are pulsing on the ground. All you need to do is to stomp with ether the right or the left foot to reveal a new costume piece.

These are all cosmetic and fit on your head, body, arms, and legs – there’s a wide range of different ones to collect. It would have been nice if these had added extra abilities to your robot but sadly just cosmetics. It’s not a huge deal in my opinion.  And I like the option to customise your robot.

That brings us to our next topic!

Take a snap!

Wow! This feature is fantastic and anyone who loves taking pictures in Mario Odyssey will be right at home here. However, Jettomero takes photo mode to new heights. A plethora of options to mess around with and loads of different filters that can be used in photo mode can also be applied to the actual game which is an amazing feature and something not seen before. This blows Mario Odyssey’s photo mode out of the water!

This really impressed me and I’ve taken some very cool photos with it!

I know I should leave this till the visual section but I can’t underestimate how beautiful the comic book visuals are here and they look even better in motion. Add in photo mode and you can create some amazing photos!

Jettomero Screenschot 3

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The music in this game is lovely. I could listen to it while my switch is in stand-by mode. It’s down-tempo ambient makes for a completely mesmerizing soundtrack. I’d love get this on vinyl or on my phone – it’s just so nice to listen to! Top marks from me!

Visuals look like it was taken straight from a comic book! It looks really nice on the Switch’s screen in handheld mode and even better on a big screen.  You can see pictures on eshop but seeing them in motion is even better. The ability to use photo mode is icing on the cake so share these beautiful shots and visuals with everyone.

Performance has been top-notch and I’ve not experienced any issues at all in the game. Everything looks amazing and works great too! No complaints!

Game supports video capture and screenshots.

Game also supports cloud saving!

Jettomero Screenschot 4

Please buy this game – it’s lovely! I love B-monster movies and having a game where I can crush and stomp cities with an indestructible robot is amazing! It looks beautiful in motion. There are loads of different custom heads, bodies, arms, and legs to find – lots of memories to discover.

Photo mode is extensive with lots of options to tweak or add many different filters to you photo or game. You can add text as well as fine tune filters too. I can see people really enjoying and using this feature a lot. I know I will.

Game isn’t especially long but I think it’s worth it.


Beautiful comic book visuals

Photo mode

Play as a giant indestructible robot

Huge array of custom parts to unlock


Decipher/puzzle time can be a little too sensitive while using analog stick

Wish you could actually fight the monsters

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