Ever wanted to play Iconoclasts but you have not been able to because you could not betray your beloved Switch? No worries, because this title from developer Joakim Sandberg is heading later this year onto the system! The port is happening thanks to MP2 Games and was officially announced via Twitter today! Mathias Kærlev (MP2 Games) made the development of the port public in his Tweet:

In Inconoclasts, you play as Robin, a girl with a dream to be a mechanic.  Unfortunately for her, she does not have a license and so fulfilling her dream will be harder than it has to be. As she pursues her wish and picks up her tools, Robin catches on quickly that many things are not as they should be. Along the journey through this adventure game of solving puzzles, you encounter other character sand fight mechanical bosses on your way.

Eight years in the making and having a nostalgic pixel style, Iconoclasts certainly has us hyped. With lots of platform and puzzle action, this game could be perfect on the go! If you have not seen the trailer yet, check it out here:

Have you played Iconoclasts yet? Are you considering giving it a try on the Switch? Share your opinion with us down in the comment section!