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How To Change Xenoblade Chronicles Appearance and How To Find New Costumes

The world is in danger by the ensuing forces of the Mechonis, but you’ll want to do it in style! This is how you can change your Xenoblade Chronicles appearance in the game. It’s actually easy!

When you first start the game with Shulk and Reyn, there are a few costumes available for you to try on. Press the X button, and it will take you to the main menu. Go to Change Equipment. And then, toggle your way down to Appearance. Easy, right?


Once there, you can choose the standard costume, Colony Type I, Middle Type, or the Ecru Type on each piece of clothing. You can change the headgear, the shirt, armgear, pants, and even the shoes in the menu. The nice thing is that you can mix and match the parts.

Xenoblade Chronicles Appearance - Change Equipment

Now, to buy new costume parts, you can get them at the stores in town hubs throughout the game. In addition to new weapons and armor at the shop, you can get new appearances from the equipment you buy. This is where you can find the first store in the Commercial District:

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Xenoblade Chronicles Appearance - Map

I was able to get a colour change from Shulk’s standard red armour to a blue one with Colony Type III, but there are a bunch more from the get go to acquire the look you want for your characters as they take out their machincal foes! As you finish side quests and open up chests around Bionis and Mechonis, you can find even more outfits! Which set is your favourite? Do you like your Xenoblade Chronicles appearance?


Keep an eye out on SwitchWatch for more guides on Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition! We’ll also have a review up in the coming weeks. We just got the game, so it will take us a lot of time to fully check it out and give you our opinion on this remaster.

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