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Xenoblade Chronicles Lake Magdalena Location

In Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, it is easy to find most unique creatures roaming around the world, thanks to its rehaul of the side quest system. However, there is one that was particular tricky to find: the Xenoblade Chronicles Lake Magdalena creature that stalks around Outlook Park.

It took me a while to find it, but by accident, I came across this pesky fish. So here’s how you do it! First, you want to fast travel to Outlook Park that is on the southwest part of the Colony 9 map. It’s the place where Fiora gave Shulk his sandwich. Also, make sure it is set to night. You can find out how to time skip here.

Once there, turn to your left until you see a fence and a big round hole with water on the bottom. Jump over the fence and then take a daring leap down! AHHHHH!

Don’t worry, it won’t damage Shulk and company, as long as you land in the water! In the middle of the surface area, you will then find the beast you’ve been looking for: Lake Magdalena! It will be swimming around, out of reach from Shulk, BUT if you use a long range attack like Stream Edge, you can get its attention. It will come towards you, as you dip your toes into the water.

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It’s an easy enemy to fight, as long as you’ve gained enough experience from doing side-missions; level 6 or 7 should be good! There isn’t anything particular difficult about this encounter.

Were you able to find the Xenoblade Chronicles Lake Magdalena? Let us know! Keep an eye out on SwitchWatch for more guides on Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition! We’ll also have a review up in the coming weeks. We just got the game, so it will take us a lot of time to fully check it out and give you our opinion on this remaster. Did this Xenoblade Chronicles guide help you? Let us know!

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