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Hey, Where’s That Awesome My Hero Academia Game?

It’s so puzzling how Bandai Namco is treating its anime games. If it doesn’t involve Dragon Ball or One Piece, every game they make is a toothless arena fighting game with barebones mechanics, cheap production quality, and no dub. They could do so much more, so I ask the question, Where’s That Awesome My Hero Academia Game?

I wish Bandai Namco could go beyond with this highly popular shonen series. The manga has sold over 24 million copies, and there are fans all across the world. You can even find My Hero Academia Blu-rays, posters and toys in Walmart. So why isn’t that market being tapped properly?

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The My Hero One’s Justice series just recounts the series in an incredibly dull way with the same recycled arena brawler mechanics that have been around since 2008’s Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm and poor quality cutscenes. The lack of a dub as the characters are speaking in battle is frustrating, and the absense of Yuki Hayashi’s amazing soundtrack should be criminal. With the popularity of the franchise, Bandai Namco should propel it to something greater. Here’s an idea just to get those creative juices flowing.


The idea of a My Hero Academia RPG fits so well as the students are progressively improving their quirks and becoming stronger heroes. You could create your own character (or play as the main characters like Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot), in a similar vein to the Sword Art Online games, and join each class Persona style. You’d study, spend time with your classmates, and workout to increase your stats. Your friendships with the show’s cast would improve your “social link” with them, creating new combination moves, and we could see scenes that weren’t in the show. I could see this going along the anime’s timeline, and you pick your party of 3 classmates.


Perhaps, like Final Fantasy VII Remake or Xenoblade Chronicles, each character has a different strategy they can add to the battle. Deku’s the one who deals the damage, Uraraka can lift enemies in the air, making them vulnerable, and Tsuyu could be the speedy type who can avoid attacks quickly and leave enemies open for an attack. There’s a lot of possibilities here!


The My Hero Academia series can be adapted in so many ways. Maybe there could be a video game based on All Might’s past encounters, or a management game, in which you play as the teacher training the students or a hero managing an agency? Perhaps they could tackle the My Hero Academia: Vigilantes manga series? Anything but a god damn arena brawler! Be Plus Ultra, Bandai Namco! And for the love of the symbol of peace, include the dub!


What would you like to see from the next My Hero Academia game? Let us know!

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