Gun Gun Pixies Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: Idea Factory, Compile Heart, Shade Inc.

Publisher: PQube

Release Date: September 6th 2019

Price as of Article: $49.99, £44.99

Game code provided by PQube

Game Size: 2.7 GB


On the Planet Pandemonia, pandemonians are facing a huge crisis. They have entered an age of complete self-preservation, where no one is interested in other people, and in turn, love or other kinds of affection are gone (sound familiar?). Enter our double team of the two pandemonians Bee and Kame, also known as the titular Gun Gun Pixies. These two gals are fresh out of military school… where they got the worst grades of their generation, BUT, since their commander has observed that they, unlike their peers, posses enough affection to even call each other friends, he figured they would be the perfect candidates for an interstellar mission to our planet, to study us and collect data on our ways.

Their mission then takes them to the heart of a girls’ dorm in Japan (you know the country whose birthrate is literally decreasing because people ”don’t have time” for love and romance), where they set up base, and must spend the next half year to collect said data for their mission, so that they can hopefully save their own civilization from a cataclysm. They have to do this by shooting the dorm girls with so-called Happy Bullets, so one can only wonder, why they don’t just use these on themselves, or why they chose Earth as a place to gather intel, if they need to help us get happy in the first place?

I’m thinking too much about this.

Gun Gun Pixies Screenshot 4


Okay, I’m going to be up front from the start, this game is NOT for kids… or for public play, unless you live with a brother who is just as dirty as you and won’t bat an eye that moans of extacy is coming from your room, as the tutorial mission literally places you right smack in front of an anime girl (in underwear mind you) who spreads her legs wide open, promting you to shoot her kooch with your pheromone gun, to make her literally orgasm, represented with over the top sequences of her making horny faces and body posetures.

Okay, now that we are on the same page and have made clear what kind of game this is, let me go in a bit deeper (yes, pun unshamely intended).

Gun Gun Pixies, in essence, reminded me of a combination of Mr. Moskeeto on the PlayStation 2, a game where you controlled a robotic looking mosquito as you made your rounds through a normal Japanese household where your mission was to suck its unassuming residences of blood from… more or less, suggestive places, and the Gal*Gun series of games where you are a highschool boy with a pheromone gun who needs to defend yourself against an onslaught of horny teenage girls, where you got more points for shooting them in suggestive places.

Gun Gun Pixies Screenshot

In Gun Gun Pixies you are neither a mosquito nor a highschool student though, you are a pair of little girls, who have to tip toe their way through these girl dorms, trying to get them horny with your Happy Bullets as you navigate the huge furniture and learn more about them and their habits. Yes, Gun Gun Pixies, unlike what I feel the trailers made me believe, is not solely a game where you get to non-stop engage in exciting shoot’em up missions trying to submit these giant female earthlings, but instead has you engage in a variety of boring missions where the goal is to find a specific object or learn the source of a certain smell the dorm girls are complaining about. Add to that, that the game is full of boring dialogue before, after, and in-between missions. I am not interested in the non-sensical smalltalk between Bee and Kame, nor their flavour text conversations with their commander whenever they report their results and findings, I just want to get into the action.

Now of course, there is a story here, and that is fine (though this is definitely one of those games you don’t play for the story), but even a game like Gal*Gun, which also had its issues, managed to have fun fast paced gameplay, while also taking the time to tell a story, I just feel it did it way less intrucively. I guess what I’m trying to say is that about 85% of the dialogue in Gun Gun Pixies could have been cut and it would affect nothing. The chit chat with the commander, cut. The squabble between the pixies, cut. The small talk between the dorm girls, cut. And I don’t mean ”cut” as in ”remove”, but as in ”cut it down”. I understand J-RPGs having long streams of dialogue because you are on a grand story driven quest where you want to get to know your characters better, but in a lewd anime shooter like this, who cares? Just brief me about the next mission and let me be on my way! And if you care so much about your story that you really wanna develop these one dimensional characters, at least be brief about it. If this game just put its action where its mouth was… wait that came out wrong…

Well then, when you finally get to take control of one of your pixies you are able to choose which girl’s room you want to tackle, as well as whom of the two pixies you wanna play as. One sporting a gun, while the other rocks a semi-automatic. Aside from their weapon of choice, I have hardly noticed any difference between the two, neither in agility nor combat, so I guess it all just comes down to what colour hair you fancy.

When you have chosen your maiden, you are placed in the respective girl’s room, where you then, first and foremost, must be careful not to get spotted. The opening tutorial makes a big deal of explaining that if you get spotted by the girl, you get an automatic game over (the in-game excuse is that ”only species who have reached a certain status of intelligence are allowed to learn of the existence of other life forms”), so don’t get too close to the girl, stay out of her sight, watch the meter at the top of the screen, go into a crawl so that you don’t make too much noise when being close to the girl (try not to blush as a pixie in crawling position leaves little to the imagination), and should you be in danger of getting spotted, quickly find something to hide behind, as the game will so kindly warn you to do.

Gun Gun Pixies Screenshot 3

Now, you can, of course, shoot the girl from any position you want, so long as you have a clear shot of either their breast or butt, but the game recommends that you traverse the furniture of the room to find these glowing circles of energy, essentially vantage points, that will heal your clothes if you have taken any damage from the semi-homing orbs the girl constantly spawns, and makes your shots twice as powerful. Yes, if you get hit by enemy projectiles, damage is shown by damaging/removing parts of your pixie’s clothes, to the point where she is only in her underwear, accompanied by lewd over the top animations. Credit where credit is due though, I did find maneuvering these giant pieces of furniture and exploring the rooms while collecting coins, fun for a time, but the stiff controls hardly compliment this aspect of the gameplay. Sad as the pretty main menu did lure me into thinking this was gonna be a title of more quality, though I guess the first danger signals did show when the cursor was being way too sensitive.

Something I found out by coincidence, is that if you run in a certain direction, and then quickly change to the opposite direction, your pixie will do a roll fall.

When you finally do confront the girls, you do have an ammo meter to keep track off, and you do have to scour the envionment for restocks, but one magazine honestly contains more than enough to fill a girl’s happy meter, after which you’ll get an ugly shot of her horny facial expression, while she starts blabbering information that may or may not be useful to your current objective. Another thing to mention is that, although the human girls are not exactly quick on their toes, and will most often just wander back and forth totally oblivious to your presence and endeavors, aiming in this game, combined with the dreadfully stiff controlls, is an awkward mess on a control stick, where I would have much rather the game features some form of gyro control.

Collecting coins also gets old and repetitive really fast. They are everywhere and you can use them in the game’s shop to purchase new clothing for your pixies, some accessories and clothings being cosmetic, other having enhanced effects like being able to see through the girls’ clothing, but the coins are always in the same places every time you re-enter a room, so instead of maniacally collecting every single one, I quickly grew tired of it and just collected those in my way. Besides, some items in the shop get ridiculously expensive… they really banked on replay value for this game huh?

Gun Gun Pixies Screenshot 2

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The music in Gun Gun Pixies is your standard homely background noise that sets the tone of being in a quiet everyday setting, so I guess it does its job. The intro sequence song is pretty nice though, and as with all the other Japanese games I have tackled on this site, it is of course also fully voiced. The Japanese love their English though, so a cool detail, which I briefly mentioned about, is that if the girls are about to spot you, a warning will, in perfect English, say ”HIDE!!” in a robotic voice, and when you collect coins it will say ”COIN!!”. Again, a neat little detail, and I live for those.

Visuals & Performance

While the dialogue sequences are presented in 2D where the characters awkwardly bounce up and down whenever they breathe or speak to make their jiggling busts more prominent, the game itself is in full 3D.

The graphics themselves are nice enough, bright and colourful with detailed envionments, and the girls sporting fairly standard low budget anime models, with their feet mysteriously clipping through their stockings when they sit down to do stretching exercises.


On the outside, Gun Gun Pixies looks like a fun, high octane anime shooter in the vains of Gal*Gun, but if you go into the game expecting anything like that, you will be sorely disappointed. Gun Gun Pixies is fun enough once you get into the gameplay, but it is also a very talkative game, and the goal of each mission is not necessarily just to find a vantage point and shoot the girls in their G-spots, which slows the pace of the game down significantly.

At an asking price of £44.99/$49.99 I can therefore hardly recommend this title. As with many other risque anime games we have covered here on the site, it is clear that the game purely sells on its lewd factor and tries to lure the unsuspecting lonely otaku in with a promise of pumping high school girls full of pheromone till their socks fall off, but if that is all you’re after, there are free websites that do a better job. The gameplay and graphics are both okay, but at a pricetag like this, I am expecting far more, and certainly a much better job in the proofreading department, but I have also slowly come to realise that it is far from these low budget high cash-in anime titles’ strong suit. PQube did release a physical Day One edition with a handful of goodies, as they tend to do with their anime releases, so if you insist on getting the game at full price, might I suggest trying to get your hands on that one.

They lure you in with sexy teen anime girls and a promise of ”too hot for TV”, which they do occassionally deliver on, but underneath is a shallow and unpolished experience with very little substance.

Wait for at least a 50% sale, if you are curious, this is another one of ”those” games. Mediocre to the core, and you quickly see all it has to offer.



Colourful characters


Detailed envionments


The most upfront tutorial I have ever seen *drools*



Boring gameplay


Long insignificant dialogue