For The King Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: Iron Oak Games

Publisher: Curve Digital

Download Size: 819 MB

Release Date: 09/05/2019

Price as of Article: 24.99, 19.99 USD, £19.99 £15.99 GBP*

*Offer ends 23/05/2019

Game code provided by Curve Digital



The King has been murdered! Now, this once tranquil kingdom of Fahrul has fallen into chaos. With her back against the wall, with resources and nowhere to seek help. The Queen turns to you the loyal citizens of Fahrul, rise and stop this impending doom. Can you step up and stop the fall of Fahurl?

I love the story premise, and it made me get into the mood to help the Queen. The story felt like some high fantasy works.


For The King is a fantasy tabletop adventure game that can be played single player or local/online multiplayer. Don’t have the time to play all night with a friend or no room for a table?

Starting out

When starting For The King for the first time, you will be presented with six ‘Adventures’ to choose from to play.

For The King – Battle against Chaos is a story-driven adventure to figure out the King’s murder and restore order to the land.

The base game, and in no way basic, the campaign is so much fun, and I enjoyed this the most. Travel throughout the forest of Fahrul in a good story. Amazing!

Frozen Expanse – Leave the Forest as you search for lost treasure in a frosty wonderland of terror.

Carry on from the base game and move on to the colder wilder frozen areas or Fahrul. More danger more fun.

Into the Deep – The deep has many hidden secrets in an adventure spanning the high seas.

In this campaign travel the high seas with more treasure more enemies.

Dungeon Crawl – Explore Fahrul free-form adventure to locate and destroy the Chaos generators deep within five deadly dungeons.

Bar, from the base game this was one of the best modes. In this mode, it felt more like a dungeon crawler experience than most. For me this was an outstanding discovery as I love dungeon crawlers.

for the king nintendo switch review dungeon

First Four Modes

These first four modes in For The King, are most like a tabletop adventure that I used to play, and I had plenty of fun with each of the modes. I preferred Dungeon Crawl the most. For anyone who played tabletop games, you will enjoy these modes.

Hildebrant’s Cellar – How far can you explore Hildebrant’s Cellar and what awaits those who dare enter? Unlock unique Lore Store Items, in this Endless Dungeon mode.

Hildebrant’s cellar is a mixed bag of good and bad ideas, all mixed up to make something that I am not sure that I like or dislike. I love the premises to see how far in a dungeon crawler type game I could make it. It was good to start with, but after an hour it got a little bit boring. There are stops along the way, stores, and camps, but it got stale fast.

Gold Rush Un-cooperative Mode – Brave the cursed Midnight Woods and its haunted crypts in this multiplayer-only mode.

This is For The King multiplayer type game. The first to deliver 100 coins to Fergus The Mad wins. Unlimited lives. Control one character, it is still very much a co-op game, but more of a hinder than kill the opponents. For instance, pass a turn so that you will get the killing blow. It is loads of fun to play.

Jobs And Characters

for the king nintendo switch review character

The party consists of three members; each can be customised with two options. Also, For The King, has a job system whereby each character in the party can be one of eleven jobs. In the first playthrough, only four jobs are available with seven more to be unlocked, via the Lore Store. Each job has its strengths and weaknesses, allowing the team to make for each player play style.

How For The King It Plays

Once the team has been made, and the map generated its time to venture out and find who killed the king. The first thing a player will notice is that the map is split into hexagonal sections. Each section is one movements space, and more than one character can occupy a space. After that, each of the three party members act independently of each other. Each has their own backpack to store items as well as their private money funds making for tactical gameplay. Each job will be able to move a different number of spaces in general, but also RGN plays a part in movement spaces. It is possible to move less than maximum; it is a good idea to keep the party next to each other at all times.

With the party, all next to each other or an adjoining space to an enemy when a battle starts, all three party members will join, if not the party is at a significant disadvantage. Battles are the general turn-based affair, each combatant takes turns with attacking till one party is dead. Percentage hit chance and damage is defined by the weapon equipped along with defence by the armour. Hit chance can be increased by using a point. Points are small orbs above the character’s name, depending on the job will depend on the points allocated. Once a point is used, it will not recover until the character rests at an inn.

for the king nintendo switch review map 2

Dotted around the map are towns. These offer places to rest, remove status effects and buy and sell wares, all for a price of course. When it comes to the towns, each of the individual characters have their own money and items. Managing these two resources is vital, as death makes life rather hard.

There are also dungeons to work through while playing, this changes the game into a dungeon crawler type game. The dungeon will need to be traversed one room at a time fighting off enemies, finding treasures. With there being places to rest along the way.


For The King offers a lot of content at a great price with something to fit most players, easy, quick games to massive 10 plus hour epic campaigns. With no need to listen to a games master talking and slowing down the fun (not all game masters).

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The audio for me was not fantastic, but it was also not bad, it sat somewhere in the middle. The soundtrack gave that feel of adventure, but it was nothing to write home about none of the tracks were overly memorable nor were any of them terrible. It did its job, giving the player the feel for what’s happening on screen.

The sound effects were better, the noises in fights and the world map were decent, they definitely top the soundtrack. For myself being a bit of high fantasy nut and enjoying tabletop games, it was good to hear the sounds then make them up in my head.  

Visuals & Performance

For The King looks stunning on the Nintendo Switch, with its low poly art style, and its use of layers and colour. I personally love the aesthetics of For The King, this is one of the better looking low poly games I have seen to grace our favourite portable home console. Everything looks so polished and well made, With some stunning Biomes and lighting effects.

I cannot complain about the looks and the feel of For The King, Iron Oaks have done a truly fantastic job.

On the downside For The King is by no means a perfect working game and has a few annoyances, to say the least. I will start off with the most devastating bug, the crashing of the game itself. I believe Iron Oaks are working on a fix, but the game should not have this bug in it. I experienced it twice. The fact the devs are working on it so fast is kudos to them.

There are also some long load times, this will be down to the generation of the maps, but its a little bit tedious. Along, with load times, the interface can be cumbersome, and it is evident that it was designed for a mouse to operate. 

Once in the game and no crashes, the game runs smooth and plays lovely, mostly.


If playing tabletop games is something you love or in my case loved (thanks to my family I have no time anymore), then For The King could be right up your ally. Even if tabletop games are not your usual jam, then having a tactical overworld with turn-based JRPG type mechanics could be.

Along, with the vanilla game, there are also all the released DLC so far included. With For The King currently on sale at the time of this article at 24.99, 19.99 USD, £19.99 £15.99 GBP* I can only say go out and buy it.

If you are reading this and the sale is over, buy it still. 

for the king nintendo switch review box


Physical – YES!

Released – 24/05/2019



Wide range of content


Lovely art style


Great price


All DLC included



Some bugs


Cumbersome interface


Long load times