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Crayola Scoot Switch Review-Splatoon mixed with Tony Hawks

Crayola Scoot Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: Outright Games

Publisher:Outright Games

Release Date:

Price as of Article: $39,99 USD, £34,99 GBP

Game code provided by Outright Games for review

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I wonder if up at Nintendo towers they were thinking about what Splatoon 3 would look like, maybe they could find a new for characters to move around the arenas in a differing way by adding some roller blades, bmx bikes or scooters!  Well someone has beaten them to it because Outright games have done just that with its mixture of Spaltoon esque splatfests and tricking it up at the same time Tony Hawk style but is this any good and is it worth your hard earned cash?

The gameplay in Crayola Scoot is a simple concept and if you have played Spaltoon you will understand what you need to do here. There are a number of areas that pit you against other AI players and the aim of the game is to fill the arena with more paint than any of your opponents. So far so Splatoon but where it mixes it up is you have to also perform tricks Tony Hawk style to release paint with your scooter in areas which have all manner of ramps and rails to pull off tricks to your heart’s content and all feel great to pull off. The more tricks and risks you take the more paint you release. If you want to get from one part of the arena to another quickly then you must ride on your own paint and it’s totally thrilling.

You can boost, perform tricks which consist of flips, jumps, and spins and then combining these all together with grinds to keep your combination going for some massive scores. I have to say the game surprised me in how accessible it is and how fun it was to play as I went into this expecting very little but I was instantly grabbed by its fun nature.

There is a vast array of modes here and if you decide to purchase this game you will each have your favorites but mine were trying to paint more of the arena than your opponents in a single player versus all. This has a decidedly amount of strategy involved. More tricks you perform the more ink you spill, spill your ink on a tower and it unloads a massive amount covering a large area for you. Keep control of these towers and ink will continue to spill in that particular area in your colors until another player takes it over making these towers very sought after.  While the AI is ok to play against it’s so much more fun if you can get 3 or 4 friends round to play in split screen.

Or how about teaming up in a 2 v 2 battle which can also be done locally with a couple of friends versus the AI or each other. You have a mode called Scoot where each player takes it in turns to perform the best combination of tricks within 8 seconds. Each player losing a life represented by a letter of the word SCOOT when they fail to beat their opponent’s combo. There is also a splatfest mode where the goal is to splat the opponent or where this is reversed and you have to avoid being splatted.

There are a good number of worlds to choose from and you will unlock stars dependent on whether you choose to play the level on easy, medium or hard. Play on hard and say you are successful within the challenge and you gain 3 stars. The more stars you can gain the more you levels you can unlock. Moving through the worlds and levels keeps things fresh having differing modes to play through as you progress. One level you may have to paint the town red while in the next you may have to perform tricks to beat your opponents. The game can be played locally by up to 4 players and it’s all really accessible for a younger audience and adults alike. James and I had a lot of fun just playing the single-player campaign or mixing it up in local multiplayer.

There are lots of coins to collect and the more you get the more gear you can buy ranging from nicer looking wears to gear which has an effect on your stats. It’s all here and it’s all super fun.

There are some criticisms like when you take on a level and finish you get kicked back out into the practice hub where you can enter the shop, choose multiplayer mode or just practice but I would have preferred to just continue to until I was ready to come out of completing levels rather than having to enter the portal each time. The controls also get a little getting used too. The right analog is used for jumps and tricks so this is kind of like twin-stick shooter controls which I just found took me a little while to find my bearings. I wish this had an online leaderboard to post my scores and a way to play online with friends. If this can be implemented at some point then we are really onto something here.


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The audio in the game is all very chirpy and all very inoffensive, It’s not standout and is quite generic but it serves it’s purpose.

Visually I really like the game and would say they are reminiscent of Jetset Radio and in terms of the paint well Splatoon. If you know any of these games then you will know what you are getting here. I found it all to be very nicely designed and look bright and colorful on the Switch. It’s definitely a notch or two above in quality from a mobile game which was ported.

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In handheld, it runs really smoothly and I never encountered any slowdown either in docked or in handheld. Split screen also runs very well which is great news. Yes, the fidelity takes a dip but it’s nothing to be concerned about at all.

There is plenty of value here, the game is £29,99 and can be bought as a physical copy. For this, you get a decent amount of modes to play and while not all are great, the ones which are enjoyable are very good indeed. You can play these modes locally with friends and there are enough items in the shop to buy. There are also plenty of levels to play and hard mode is challenging to say the least. For this game to really have an almost limitless value there needed to be an online leaderboard and the ability to play this online. Maybe in the sequel! There certainly is a great basis here for one.


Superb fun for families

Decent Visuals

Lots to do


No online mode

Story never materialises

Getting kicked out into the hub after each level is annoying

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