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Best Bargains on the eShop – Who’s My Hero?

James, Juan, and Jordan from SwitchWatchTV are back for the first Best Bargains episode of March 2020! There are a lot of great games on sale here, especially the entire Doom collection in wake of the new entry releasing this month. Without further ado, check out the video below or you can scroll down to read the list here on the site.

Hello and welcome back to our weekly eShop switch games sale roundup where we help you cut through the noise and find the Best Bargains across the UK, EU, and US eShops.

Let us know your pick of the week in the YouTube comments as each week we give away a $10 eShop voucher to one person who shared their pick. Later on we will announce last week’s winner, but for now let’s jump in and take a look at these Best Bargains:

Way of the Passive Fist

Kicking things off with my (James) pick of the week, and it’s the Way of the Passive Fist. On the face of it, this is your regular side-scrolling beat-em-up, but instead of beating your enemies you play as the wanderer, a warrior determined to avoid hurting others most of the time. Passive fists indeed as your way to beat enemies is through blocking, dodging, and parrying. Enemies will become fatigued, and you can move on to the next baddie in your way.

Essentially this means the game plays out like a rhythm-based fighter where you need to get your timings just right to build up your combo meter. The soundtrack is excellent, and the visuals are very cool. The result is a surprisingly refreshing take on a genre that is for the most part quite worn out. Anyone who enjoys beat-em-ups and wants something new should give this a go. And if rhythm games are your thing, you might be surprised by this as well. With 90% off, this is a fantastic bargain that is easy to recommend.

£1.19 90%
$1.49 90%
€1.29 90%

Jordan, Juan… what are your picks for this week’s Best Bargains?

My Hero One’s Justice

best bargains

What’s up, everyone? Jordan here with my pick of the week. This week I’m going to go for something a bit unexpected, considering I’ve never mentioned this game before, but this week’s pick for Best Bargains is My Hero One’s Justice which is 60% off. That is a tempting price for this often overlooked fighting game. Yes, when it comes to Bandai fighters, Dragon Ball FighterZ is usually the only one talked about most, but at this price, you’ll definitely get some fun out of this one for sure. Plus the sequel is heading to the Switch in a few weeks from now, so perhaps it will get you in the mood for that. And that’s my pick of the week, guys. Take care!

£17.99 60%
$23.99 60%
€23.99 70%

Juan here, and my pick for this week’s Best Bargains is not one but FOUR games!

Doom 1993

I was 14 when I played Doom for the first time, and I remember it as being one of the best games I had ever played at the time. I still remember those that had it talking about it at school and the buzz Doom had created.

I played it over and over even though my computer at the time was way too slow to play it, and it was on a CRT screen. Wow I have great memories, so when you have the opportunity to return to your childhood with a game that is a real piece of history yet still fun and includes the expansion of Thy Flesh Continued which includes an additional 9 levels, local player deathmatch, and 4 player co-op, then this demon-slaying action packed FPS is way too good to pass up at the current sale price. A total bargain. That’s my pick of the week, but I am not finished yet. Let’s talk about a few more best bargains!

$1.49 70%
£1.20 70%
€1.50 70%

Doom 2

Such was the success of Doom that as a teenager completing the original, I could not wait to see if there would be more, and boy was I happy when Doom 2 came out only a year later. This time with a proper retail release with about 5 floppy disks, I loaded up this bad boy and was again amazed. Shot guns, Mini gun, and loads of demons! It was at this time in my life when I didn’t have money, so I kept bothering my mum to get me a better computer.

That didn’t happen, but while there was no massive advances in visuals, the levels were bigger and more intricate. It was non-linear, which felt epic. I even managed to try dial-up multiplayer which really gave me an insight into how games would evolve in the future. Again, this brilliant game can be nabbed for such a low price!

$1.49 70%
£1.20 70%
€1.50 70%

Doom 3

Now let’s talk about Doom 3, which took ID Software 10 years to release after Doom 2 and was a reboot of the series. And what a great reboot it was. Visuals had come a long way, game play mechanics had evolved, but the game play of slaying demons had remained fun as hell with a story included in the main campaign.

A great action horror game, and it can now be picked up as well for very cheap with a massive 70% off. Don’t miss out! Before I go I may as well cover off them all for Best Bargains…

$2.99 70%
£2.40 70%
€3.00 70%

Doom 2016

This was co-developed by Bethesda and ID Software and was actually announced as Doom 4 in 2008. It had gone through extensive developments and builds before being restarted back in 2011 and just became Doom.

Finally, it was released in 2016. I love it. It is fast paced, has an awesome soundtrack, and if you have not played this fantastic shooter on the Switch, then you need to know the port from Panic Button is absolutely outstanding. Here you can slash, stomp, and blow demons apart in this awesomely violent action shooter. Doom is at 50% off which rounds off this Doom series for Best Bargains.

$29.99 50%
£24.99 50%
€29.99 50%

Great picks there for Best Bargains, guys! Moving on.

Graveyard Keeper

best bargains

Graveyard Keeper is a Stardew Valley-type game, except with dead bodies. While it doesn’t quite reach the levels of that game in terms of quality, it’s still a decent enough effort, and there’s quite a bit varied fun to be had, especially with it now at 50% off. It was $19.99, and now it’s up for $9.99 which for us is an excellent value. We think this one is definitely worth a punt if you’re wanting something like Stardew but with a bit of a twist.

$9.99 50%
£8.99 50%
€9.99 50%

The Way Remastered

The Way is a cinematic platforming adventure game originally from Puzzling Dream. It was released last year on Steam, but thanks to SONKA it’s been remastered and published on the Nintendo Switch with an aim to hark back to classic games such as Flashback and Another World with modern integrations. We experienced some bugs when this first came out, but the team have made some fixes and at 90% now is a good time to buy!

£1.34 90%
$1.49 90%
€1.49 90%

Streets of Rogue

Streets of Rogue is a rogue-lite that features fast-paced action and is set in a city instead of the usual dungeon synonymous with these games. It looks a bit like Enter the Gungeon, but this is all about choice. There are 24 classes, most of them locked as you start with just 6 and you can essentially be whoever you want to be and tackle the game however you want. It leads to intriguing runs, and when you throw in multiplayer with up to 3 friends alongside you, this becomes even more exciting.

£8.99 50%
$9.99 50%
€9.99 50%

The Bridge

This is a puzzle game with its roots embedded in both art and science. The levels are mind-bending, and your goal is to manipulate the environment and later on locate keys and items in order to make it through. There are 24 levels to be enjoyed in this artistic style game that is short but definitely worth it with 90% off.

£1.34 86%
$1.39 86%
€1.49 86%



Inspired by fast racers with combat, games like Wipeout and certainly Rollcage, Grip aims to emulate that sense of chaotic carnage and speed. The cars can grip on to walls and even ceilings, and there certainly is a sense of speed as you make your way around the tracks which gives this give a Rocket League style feel. It’s not perfect and it’s unforgiving, but it’s fast-paced and worth a look at the discounted price.

£8.74 75%
$9.99 75%
€9.99 75%

FIFA 20 Legacy Edition

EA made a real pigs ear of FIFA 20 on the Switch. 18 was the first decent FIFA title on a handheld device, but it missed lots of key content.. 19 made a lot of progress, but still was way off its counterparts on other consoles missing key modes as well as the expected visual engine being an older one.

With 20, things took a bad turn. Instead of bridging the gap, they simply slapped on the words Legacy Edition and brought transfer and kit updates and called it FIFA 20. A poor move.

With that said if you don’t own FIFA 18 or 19 on the Switch and you want to experience FIFA on the move, then now is the time with 50% off. Just know that what you are getting is a lazy repackaging of last year’s title.

£22.49 50%
$24.99 50%
€24.99 50%

Masters of Anima

Masters of Anima is an interesting indie game. A real-time strategy-adventure game that feels a lot like Pikmin as you control your minions known as guardians to attack giant bosses as well as solve environmental puzzles. We quite enjoyed reviewing this one, and looking back, it really is a unique game, especially with the lack of Pikmin around on Switch. It’s currently 75% off, and I think it’s worth it for anybody at that price

£3.99 75%
$4.99 75%
€4.99 75%

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

dragon ball

The Dragon Ball world is epic and full of lore, great characters, and epic moments, and Xenoverse 2 aims to cram all of that into an open world fighter akin to an MMORPG but with more of a focus on combat. If that sounds exciting, that’s because it is. The game is huge and the ability to take your own created character into this world is enticing. The port to the Switch is decent, and the visuals still look great. A bargain at 75% off.

$12.49 75%

State of Mind

With a Blade Runner vibe, State of Mind is a narrative driven story adventure set in 2048 Berlin. The story is predictable but enjoyable, like watching a cheesy sci-fi flick while eating popcorn on your couch. The visuals stand out as stunning, the look of the world is wonderful, and it’s a high point. Throughout the game, you are a passenger. You will interact with a few puzzles here and there, but ultimately you are along to see the journey. At its original price, its just way too much to ask of this 10 or so hour journey. At a much more reasonable $9.99, its worth a look.

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$9.99 75%


Figment is a fantastical look into the inner workings of the human mind. It challenges depression, joy, and the full spectrum of our inner thoughts in a playful puzzle game. The visual style is wonderful and the colours and quirky ideas of the mindscape are portrayed very well. The puzzles and gameplay for the most part are good but not great. There is some light combat and some tracking back to figure out how to progress. Overall, this is a very enjoyable game worth picking up.

£6.29 65%
€6.99 65%

Super One More Jump

First and foremost, this is a one-button platform game. The rest is about timing that button press to make your sprite jump at the right time. The controls feel really good and responsive, and any death here is going to be your own fault. Sounds like it’s the most simplistic game in the world, and there can’t be much too it. Like any good addictive game, it absolutely gets the mechanics and controls bang on. It is a quality game on Switch that everyone should try especially at this price. It’s easy for these games to get lost among all the other titles, but it would be a shame to miss out on the quality and fun for all the family. One more jump? I’m in all the way on this bargain.

$0.49 93%



Silence is the followup to the Whispered World, and its a point-and-click adventure that looks gorgeous. The theme is of personal growth and some dark discovery into your own fears. Apart from the looks, the audio is decent and the puzzles are enjoyable with a few different elements thrown in for good measure. The biggest issue with this game was its steep price tag. However, at $13.59, this is a much more reasonable ask.

$13.59 66%


Another point-and-click adventure from Daedalic Entertainment with a similar issue; a good game with a steep price tag! Instead of Silence’s serious deep take into the mind, Deponia is instead a slapstick adventure that harks back to Monkey Island. If you like over-the-top silly jokes and a not too serious point-and-click game that looks lovely, then take a look at this

$9.99 75%

Mana Spark

Mana Spark was recently on sale In the UK and EU, and now it has a whopping 90% in the US. We simply couldn’t leave it of. For less than $1, this accomplished dungeon crawler is a steal. It had some real issues at launch, but the devs sorted all of that out and what we are left with is a solid game.

$0.99 90%

The King’s Bird

The King’s Bird is a platformer with a focus on precision, accuracy, and pace in order to succeed. There are some nice mechanics. You have the ability to glide and wall jump and will need to time them just right to get through. The visuals are really nice, and the soundtrack is decent! It’s a crowded genre, and at the original price it’s tough to recommend over other titles. But with 75% off, it’s worth dipping into if you fancy a tricky platformer with some different mechanics.

$4.99 75%

One Strike

one strike

One Strike is the simplest game you will ever play. One strike leads to success or failure. It is addictive and simple with just two buttons; attack or defend. It is the essence of fighting distilled to its purest form. We really enjoyed its simplicity and style. One worth checking out for just $0.99.

$0.99 80%

SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamesh

Image & Form continue to knock it out of the park with their SteamWorld series. This time around, it is in the form of a turn-based RPG. It is fresh and fun to play with an intriguing and deep combat system that uses cards to great effect. The graphics and music are at the level that we have come to expect from Image & Form. This is another brilliant game from the and a great discounted price this week.

$14.99 40%

There Are Your Best Bargains!

And there you have a bunch of bargains worth picking up! Let us know your pick this week in the comments, and next Sunday we will give away a $10 eShop voucher. Speaking of which, last week’s winner is… Tay Baker! Congratulations, Tay Baker. Please email us, and we will get you that voucher.

That’s it from us today, but if you enjoyed this please tune back in next Sunday for more Best Bargains! Jordan’s fabulous physical release roundup will be out tomorrow, and I cannot wait for that. Plus did you see my review of Metro Redux? Two great games that were ported excellently. If you are after a pro controller alternative, have a look at Juan’s awesome comparison video as well.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this Best Bargains list here on Happy gaming, everyone!

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