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Best Bargains on the eShop – Minimalistic Platforming

James and the guys at SwitchWatchTV are here once again to give us a list of the best bargains on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Each week, these guys compile a wonderful list of bargains that you can download and enjoy, and during this pandemic, there is no better time than now to save. Check out the Best Bargains video down below or read the script here on

Hello! How are you doing, everyone? I’m James Romero, and this is Best Bargains! We are back uncovering the very best eshop switch bargains that are worth picking up across the UK, EU, and US eShops that won’t bust your wallet, unless of course you go crazy and buy a bunch as I always find myself doing!

Be sure to let us know your pick of the week for Bargains in the comments, as each week we pick someone to win a $10 eshop voucher. We will announce last week’s winner later on. Let’s jump in and find these bargains!

Flat Heroes

James: My pick this week is the minimalistic, 2D platformer Flat Heroes. At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking this is a developer releasing the bones of a game, given that you play as a simple square, but do not be fooled! This is a well-crafted, fluid twitch sensitive platformer that promises lots of death and that one-more-run feeling. Each stage is a simple square full of platforms and deadly obstacles that you must survive in order to progress. There’s something wonderful about peeling back all of the fluff, graphical niceness, and story that we attach to games to make them more engaging and just being 100% laser-focused on the gameplay. It works here because everything is so tight and well developed. There are mini-games and bosses too, and the game has a great campaign as well as a survival mode where you aim to last as many waves as possible. It’s great solo, but it’s also enjoyable in multiplayer. At under £2, €2, or $2, this is going to be money well spent if you decide to pick it up!

£1.79 80%
$1.99 80%
€1.99 80%

Jordan and Juan, what are your picks for Best Bargains this week?

Steredenn: Binary Stars

Jordan: Hey, everyone! Jordan here with my pick of the week. Usually I don’t like going for region exclusive sales, but when Steredenn is on sale, it just stands out to me more than any other. This is an absolutely badass shooter, easily one of the best on the Switch. It’s rouge-like with lots of random elements which may not sit well with the purists, but I just fell in love with this game. Awesome rocking music, and a fantastic, almost tangible, feeling when destroying enemies. You can feel the crunch as they destroy. I love the weapons, the options… everything about this game is bloody amazing. It’s only on sale in North America right now, sadly, with a tasty 62% off. But you know what, it’s worth full price. I don’t even know why I’m recommending getting it during a sale. Because I’d actually just prefer you to support the developers more with this astonishingly addictive, awesome game.

$4.99 62%


Juan: This week I am going for one of the early games released on the Nintendo Switch, NeuroVoider. To this day, I still love loading this twinw-stick shooter RPG and listening to that awesome Dan Terminus synth soundtrack. It’s a game I would buy for the soundtrack alone, but this has it all; fun gameplay with a 4-player local co-op mode and all procedurally generated so each time you play is different. Plenty of bosses and enemies to take out. With 50% off, this is now the time to purchase.

$5.99 50%

Thanks, Jordan and Juan! Now let’s check out the other bargains.

Asterix and Obelixx XXL 2

Starting out life as a french comic in the 50s Asterix and Obelixx, two Gaul warriors who have had their adventures pop up in everything from tv programmes and books to games. This time around those pesky romans are at it again and asterix and obelixx embark on an action adventure with comedic moments and some decent combat. Fans of the series will enjoy this and for everyone else – at this price point it’s worth a look, at full price – steer clear!

£8.09 70%
$8.99 70%
€8.99 70%

Cyber Protocol

Cyber Protocol is an arcade puzzle game set in a tron like cyberpunk world. You impersonate the main hero, whose mission is to bring his Android friend back to life by activating the protocol, the story doesn’t really feature as they rarely do in puzzle game’s, that said the 100 levels of Pac-Man inspired action are fast paced and frantic, the levels quickly ramp up to being tough – there is coop for up to four on offer here along with high scores and a tougher mode for those that want to really ratchet up the difficulty. The soundtrack is a particular highlight and it’s straight out of the 80s, all in all a solid package at less than £1 easily one of the best bargains this week.

£0.89 90%
$1.39 80%
€0.99 90%


Akane is a little gem, it has the simplest gameplay but manages to be highly addictive and fun to play. You control akane, a bad ass katana wielding heroine that is making her last stand against the yakuza in an arena where one hit is death – either for you or your foes, the beauty of the game is the superb controls and the dynamic of slicking and shooting, combat becomes almost rhythmic as you hack your way through the hordes. There are a few things to unlock and leaderboards to keep you going, I love the cyberpunk style from the neon lights to the enemy designs – very cool.

£0.89 80%
$0.99 80%
€0.99 80%

Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper light drifter is a masterpiece set in a glorious, neon pixelated world. What I love is how the game manages to portray a deep story without any language – text or voiced. What you do know is that your home world is invaded and you play as the drifter – a caped sword wielder who clearly isn’t well as you spew blood from time to time. The world setting is fantastic, there are giant dying titans and a shadowy monster lurking – my personal take is that this is a world in the distant future where technology is almost forgotten and old – but the beauty is you will see what your mind interprets.

Combat is punishing and twitch sensitive – the game blends RPG and action gameplay extremely well and the special edition on the switch is the definitive version full of small upgrades, it feels perfectly at home on the Nintendo switch.

The game feels a bit like a SNES Zelda but that’s not to say it’s not original, it definitely has its own personality which oozes through the difficult and unforgiving gameplay, you won’t be taking on 20 enemies at a time here it’s all above mastering the dash and slash controls in order to progress through the games open world – that is if you can take on the enemies in your path!

Visually the world is created so well, I find the use of bright neons and dark areas to be wonderful, yes is lush in places but there are hardships and devestation visible throughout. The soundtrack by Disasterpeace is the perfect backdrop, it has a sci-if eerie quality to it that would be worthy of an epic film. All in all this is a tough but brilliant game worth investing in – especially at half price!

£8.99 50%
€9.99 50%

Old Man’s Journey

Old mans journey is a beautiful looking interactive story with a few puzzles thrown in, it’s a short tale that will take you just a couple of hours to complete but the tale of this old man, his regrets and his happy moments told through lovely scenes are worth visiting at this low price.

£1.79 80%
$1.99 80%
€1.99 80%

Blazing Beaks

Blazing Beaks is a great little game to play with friends. Levels are randomly generated, and you can play story mode with a friend cooperatively or alone. Either way, it’s a blast. If you want to compete against friends, then there is a tournament mode too to test your skills against each other. For us, we loved how simple it was to pick up and play and get into. Blasting foes is super fun and reminded us a little of Enter the Gungeon just not quite as good.

£1.79 87%
$1.99 87%
€1.99 87%

X-Morph: Defense

If you love shooters and tower defense and you always wanted to be the bad guy or, at least, an alien race bent on the destruction of Earth, then why not sign-up! X-Morph: Defense does a great job of merging these genres together and is a fun strategy game. And the added extra of recreating a scene from the Independence Day movie is the cherry on this already content-filled cake.

£4.49 75%
$4.99 75%
€4.99 75%


Typoman is a very clever platformer that looks and in some ways feels like limbo or other similar indie titles, its unique point is that it uses letters very literally – puzzles involve moving letters around to spell words in order to progress – this is not just about spelling words tough as you interact with the letters physically in the game, manipulating them in order to solve puzzles. Its refreshing and creative, at times its a little bit clunky but 60% makes this a bargain!

£3.99 60%
$5.19 60%
€5.19 60%

See Also


Lumo is a love letter to isometric platformers, a genre that has been quite dormant for a long time, it features some upgraded visuals and sounds and throws is a bunch of puzzles for good measure.
There are 400 rooms to navigate and these are a blast to be played in short bursts or for longer sessions, there are lots of nods to the games that came before it but if you don’t catch them it won’t impact your enjoyement. This is an addictive little game worth picking up!

$9.97 50%

Mana Spark

Mana spark is a game that has been on sale a few times now but at 90% we simply couldn’t leave it of, for less than £1 this accomplished dungeon crawler is a steal. It had some real issues at launch but the dev sorted all of that out and what we are left with is a solid. Just one more run roguelike

£0.89 90%
$0.99 90%
€0.99 90%

Bomb Chicken

The story behind bomb chicken is reminiscent of odd world – you play as a mutated chicken that can lay bombs after a freak accident in one of BFCs factories, bent on getting revenge against this greedy human corporate that turns his fellow feathered friends into finger lickin chicken, off you go armed with bombs to save the day – the game looks and sounds good and the core mechanic is simple but clicks pretty quickly, the game is set across various levels including bosses and some funny moments – it’s a pleasant game worth investing in – after all with 50% off, this is just a poultry £5.99 now!

£5.99 50%
$7.49 50%
€6.74 50%

My Brother Rabbit

This is a point and click game with a bunch of mini games thrown in. It’s colourful and a very nice adventure that you can play as a family in these testing times and with 90% off this is certainly worth a punt.

$1.49 90%

Space Pioneer

Space pioneer is a twin stick shooter set across a number of worlds, you get to visit different planets for each level and take down a horde of alien enemies whilst succeeding at objectives from escorting people to taking out alien nests. The mechanics and controls are tight and you can tackle the game with friends in coop mode, after a while the game does get a bit repetitive – stopping it from reaching the heights of some other shooters out there but nevertheless – a sci fi, world hopping twin stick shooter with decent controls is worth investigating with a chunky 80% off right now

£1.79 80%
$1.99 80%
€1.99 80%

Atari Flashback Classics

Atari flashback classics is a jam packed collection of 150 games, it throws together 3 separately released collections released on other consoles as volumes 1,2 and 3. With that many games what we have is a mixture of titles from the 70s, 80s and early 90s – some of the games are still a blast to play whilst others have aged terribly – controls are all over the place and they look horrid. It’s an interesting slice of history and touchscreen controls and the ability to play some games in vertical mode are welcome additions but ultimately some of these games you will want to skip – the classics you are left with are enjoyable to this day!

£17.99 50%
$19.99 50%
€19.99 50%

Rimelands: Hammer of Thor

This is a turn based RPG where battles take place on a grid and are heavily dependent on rolling dice, yes this is one of those games that is all about RNG. It looks pretty poor and there is nothing outstanding about it in truth – but, all of the core mechanics are here – a cheesy story, a leveling system, quests and the like – at less than £1 it’s the sort of of game you might pick up to pass some time in between chunkier games

£0.89 90%
$0.99 90%
€0.99 90%

And there you have a bunch of eShop bargains worth considering. What is your pick of the week for Best Bargains? Let us know down below! Thanks for hanging out with us today, tomorrow we will be back with our physical round up. In the meantime, congratulations to Adrian Emil, this week’s winner! Please email us, and we will get you that voucher. Stay safe, everyone, and take care.

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