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Best Bargains on the eShop – Ooh, my my!

James, Juan, and Jordan have once again searched the pits of the eShops around the globe to find all the tasty deals. Yes, that’s right. It is time for this week’s Best Bargains! Check out the SwitchWatchTV video below, or you can continue downward to read it here.

Hello and welcome back to our weekly eShop games-on-sale roundup where we help you cut through the chaff and find the Best Bargains across the US, UK, and EU eShops. As always, we will be giving away a $10 eShop voucher to one viewer next week. All you have to do is let us know your pick of the week in the comments below! We will announce last week’s winner at the end of this write up. Let’s jump in and take a look at these deals, shall we?

SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition

James’ Pick: Kicking things off with my pick of the weekm it’s SteamWorld Heist from Image & Form. the SteamWorld series has a wonderful steampunk vibe, and this time it’s back in the form of a turned based strategy game. It features a brilliant soundtrack recorded by a steam-powered giraffe, and it has gorgeous visuals. You and your team of robots roam the galaxy in a space adventure! The gameplay is deep and rewarding with an excellent aiming mechanic and lots of combos, cover, and strategic decisions to be made. There are countless hours of tactical fun to be had. This is perfect either on a TV or in handheld mode. With 75%, this is a Best Bargains deal, for sure. One that all fans of the strategy genre should consider picking up!

£3.74 75%
€4.99 75%
$4.99 75%

Juan, Jordan, what are your picks this week’s Best Bargains?

Tiny Barbarian DX

best bargains

Juan’s Pick: I love a good platformer, especially a challenging one. You can bet on Nicalis to deliver, too. Here we have Tiny Barbarian DX with a not so tiny 67% off in the UK and in Europe. That is a huge discount for this wonderful title. This week, our USA friends are not so lucky. But be at ease friends! Just set up a UK eShop account and job done. As a Barbarian, you of course need to be showing your might and muscle with a bit of magic too to impress the lady of your dreams. I mean what else is there? This is a fantasy fiction which has that lovely pixel art we all love. 2D action platforming with some hack-and-slash combat thrown in. At 8,99, this is just too good to turn down. Have a great week, and we will see you soon. So much content to come!

£8.99 67%
€9.99 67%

Serial Cleaner

Jordan’s Pick: Hey, guys! Jordan here with my pick of the week for Best Bargains. I’m going for a game that I reviewed even before I joined SwitchWatch. A game called Serial Cleaner. This is a pretty stylish, compact/stealth game where the idea is to cover up murders by cleaning the crime scenes. You sneak around, avoiding cops, hovering up all the blood and dead bodies in compact but challenging levels. I think the original price was decent, although pushing it slightly. But now with 90% off at 1.49 in the US, UK and Europe, it’s definitely worth it. When prices get this low, you start to question the quality. Perhaps thinking them as shovel-ware. But this one does have some quality to it! That’s my pick of the week. Take care, guys!

£1.49 90%
€1.49 90%
$1.49 90%

Fantastic picks there boys! On with the rest of the Best Bargains.


Up next it’s Blasphemous. If you want a challenging, nonlinear world to explore, then Blasphemous is the game for you. The combat is absolutely brutal. You can customize your build by discovering and equipping relics, rosary beads, prayers, and sword hearts. There are loads of combinations for you to find the best play style for you. Best of all are the boss battles which are epic in scope and absolutely huge, dwarfing your character. This is a great game, especially for those that like worlds dark and twisted. 40% off makes this a solid pick-up.

$14.99 40%
€14.99 40%
£11.99 40%

Crypt of the Necrodancer

best bargains

It’s not often that a rhythm-based game comes up with something new, but that’s exactly what Crypt of the Necrodancer has done to fantastic effect! It turns out that combining beats and dungeon-crawling results in a brilliant and exciting game. The tunes are spot on and the gameplay is no slouch. The developers followed this up with Cadence of Hyrule, essentially the same gameplay with characters from Zelda. Although that is a blast to play, having the original for just $3.99 makes this a real bargain.

$3.99 80%

Dimension Drive

We love our shoot-em-ups here at SwitchWatch, and this one is a welcome addition to the Switch library. I have no hesitation in recommending. There is a decent story, great audio, and decent visuals all in a package with fun gameplay either on your own or with a friend. I like the switching screens mechanic even though it took some getting used to as it adds something different to the genre. You may prefer a single screen experience, but until you try this you will not know for sure. While the game does have a few flaws, none of them detracted too much from what is overall a solid package. And it is all for less than £2!

£1.79 85%
€1.94 85%

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King

Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King delivers on its promise in recreating a gaming classic and gives us an ode to one of the best games of all time: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The story is a laugh, and I love how it references other games in a tongue in cheek way. There’s plenty of content too, and even diverging decision points in the game, the puzzles are solid and it follows a tried and tested method of dungeons, new items, and big bosses with weak spots. It’s a lovely little RPG that you will no doubt enjoy if you like the old school style. You can check out my review on the channel!

$7.49 50%

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is one tough cookie. It’s bleak, and you will fail often. This is a story-driven, turn-based RPG with randomized dungeons and perma-death system for your characters. The themes of stress, fear, and affliction run through this title. Each time you take a party into battle, you risk losing your characters or having them lose their minds. It’s cleverly done and adds stress to every encounter. You are constantly balancing whether or not to press on. In between stages, you even need to heal and rest up, recruit new members, and figure out how best to split your resources. Holding everything together is the fabulous writing and exceptional voice acting. This one is not for the faint of heart, but if your are after a challenge, this might be for you!

$14.99 40%

Agent A: A puzzle in disguise

Agent A is a puzzle adventure that stands out for its comic style and retro story straight out of the 60s. It started out life on mobiles, so it’s a natural fit in handheld mode where the touchscreen works nicely as you search for clues and figure out where to use your inventory items. You play as Agent A infiltrating the lair of the evil Ruby la Rouge, but things soon go wrong. The puzzles are tricky. This is the type of game where you will get stuck and start randomly trying items out until something works. It’s a little tough in places, but you get all of the episodes in this Switch version. There’s plenty of content making this a deal on Best Bargains this week with 80% off!

£2.59 80%
€2.59 80%
$2.99 80%

Flipping Death

Flipping Death’s premise is basically that of the wonderful Terry Pratchet Discworld book, Mort. After dying, your character, Penny, is mistaken by death as her temporary replacement while he swans off on a well deserved break. It makes for a great story. Gameplay-wise, it’s similar to Stick It to the Man with its quirky style and mechanics that have you meddling with the locals by possessing them. Whilst it has a bit of platforming, this is mostly a point and click adventure game with a great story and bags of character.

$4.99 75%
£4.49 75%
€4.99 75%

Thief Simulator

Thief Simulator does exactly what it says on the tin! Playing as the thief, you are introduced to the mechanics of your trade. There is no deep story here. This is a sandbox game that slowly adds more and more dastardly skills to your repertoire. When it came out, Jordan gave it a 6 because it had performance issues and felt like a good idea that it was still in development. Since then, the developer has added some more content and improved performance, but there are still some issues. At 90% off, though, it’s an interesting game to try out.

See Also

$1.99 90%

Phantom Doctrine

Phantom Doctrine is a strategic turn-based espionage thriller game. It plays out like XCOM set in the spy world. You manage your network of spy’s and send them on missions where stealth is often the best option. Set at the height of the Cold War, this is all CIA and KGB. In between missions, you manage the tedious tasks of a spy network, and it can become tedious indeed with so many small things to do. It’s a great concept, but it’s execution leads to something less fluid than you might expect. If you’re a fan of tactics and dictating from the shadows, this might be for you.

$1.99 90%


Goetia is a point-and-click adventure published by Forever Entertainment, and out of the bunch of point-and-clicks games they have published, this may be their best. The game has a horror backdrop complete with dark visuals and eerie music as you try to solve the puzzle of your own death 40 years prior. The puzzles vary from easy to frustrating, and this is a decent solo experience at a very attractive price point for Best Bargains.

$0.99 90%
€0.99 90%
£0.89 90%

The King’s Bird

The King’s Bird is a platformer where precision, accuracy, and pace is needed to succeed. There are some nice mechanics. You have the ability to glide and wall jump and will need to time them just right to succeed. The visuals are really nice, and the soundtrack is decent. It’s a crowded genre at the original price and it’s tough to recommend over other titles, but with 75% off, it’s worth dipping into if you fancy a tricky platformer with some different mechanics.

£4.49 75%
€4.99 75%

Unruly Heroes

If you enjoyed Rayman, then you will like Unruly Heroes! It features hand drawn art in a fantastic style and tight platforming. The story is a retelling of the Chinese tale Journey to the West, and what we have is a polished and accomplished platformer that you won’t want to miss. There are light elements of brawler gameplay thrown in and the option to play in cooperative mode as well.

£10.79 40%
$11.99 40%
€11.99 40%


EXORDER is a turn-based strategy game with some RPG elements thrown in. It features a cartoony style and plays quite causally. It’s enjoyable but far from perfect, and the reason it’s on this list is simply because it’s not a bad game. Since it’s less than £1 with a whopping 92%, it’s worth picking up if you like the genre, and there’s even multiplayer to dip into as well.

£0.88 92%
€0.99 92%

There Are Your Best Bargains!

Okay! That’s this week’s Best Bargains. Thanks everyone who made a pick last week. There were some great comments as always. This weeks winner is Lilith Leon! Congratulations! Please email us so we can get your $10 eShop voucher to you. Let us know your picks this week and be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel if you enjoy this series. Tomorrow it’s Physical Release Mondays from Jordan, and I cannot wait to see it. We will see you again next week. Have a great week, and thanks for watching/reading.

As always, thank you for reading the transcript of Best Bargains here on We hope these help you! Let us know how we can serve you better moving forward. Happy gaming, everyone!

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