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6 Switch Games Coming Out This Week

Our extra day in February has come to an end, and we are officially in March. Beware its ides! What will March bring us in terms of games, though? Let’s find out together with 6 Switch Games Coming Out This Week!

The Story Goes On – Monday, March 2nd

Brought to us by Scarecrow Arts, this hack-n-slash adventure game heavily emphasizes exploration as well as dungeon crawling. There are rogue-lite elements, including permadeath and randomly generated areas. You play as the hero in a storybook and explore different worlds, befriend a talking scarecrow (What about the Lion and Tin Man?), and discover an adventure within the book.


There are randomly generated worlds with matching pre-built dungeons that introduce new mechanics, enemies, and story elements into the game. With more than twenty bosses to defeat and dozens of enemies to take down for their gold, the story really will go on until you beat the game!



Murder by Numbers – Thursday, March 5th

I have waited patiently with anticipation for this game’s release! Created by The Irregular Corporation. Murder by Numbers graphically looks impressive with its beautiful art and even has music from famed composer Masakazu Sugimori, who was involved with the Phoenix Wright series.

In this game, based in 1996 Los Angeles, Honor Mizrahi is an actress on a hit TV detective show. Her boss dies shortly after firing her, and as a result she finds herself in a real life version of her TV life. She teams up with a robot to clear her name. Solve puzzles while trying to solve this mystery! Will you be able to restore her name and her… Honor? Find out in Murder by Numbers!



Kairobotica – Thursday, March 5th

Our latest entry from Kairosoft finds us in a nearby galaxy in which monsters are causing trouble. That’s why you need the Kairobot Corps’ assistance! In this simulation game, you command the Corps, which consists of “mass-produced guardians of galactic peace.” Translation: robots.


Patrol planets and vanquish villains to increase your Corps’ reputation. Upgrade your colony with shields and shops, and even put animals on exhibit that you capture on patrol (That’s sure an interesting add-on to a robot game!). Will you restore peace to the Kairosoft galaxy? That’s up to you!



Wunderling – Thursday, March 5th

Play across this side scrolling game by Retroid Interactive. Chase down the pesky hero as the Wunderling, a low level video game “goon” that only recently unlocked the ability to jump.

You’re unable to stop or change direction at will, so you’ll need to strategize and plan ahead in order to master the Wunderling’s abilities and traverse each level. Will the Wunderling become a Wunderkind?



Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX – Friday, March 6th

One day you’re human. The next day, you’re a Pokémon! Meet and recruit Pokémon in this dungeon crawling adventure. Build your rescue team to help make the Pokémon world a safer place and try to discover your origins in the process! Build rescue team camps to house, manage, and strengthen your Pokémon team.



There are turn-based battles, and this version adds Mega Evolved Pokémon, gorgeous graphics, and more. Are you gonna be the very best, like no one ever was? Check out this game and try for yourself! There is even a demo on the eShop if you want to try before you buy.


6 switch games pokemon mystery dungeon

Afterparty – Friday, March 6th

Finally, in Afterparty by Night School, you play as Milo and Lola, recently deceased best friends that have found themselves in Hell (Scary!). However, there is a loophole to this eternity in Hell: out-drink Satan, and he’ll allow you re-entry to Earth!

Control Milo and Lola using an intelligent conversation system that changes both the story and your relationships according to every decision you make. You’ll discover people’s personalities and histories throughout the crazy night! Will you be able to out-drink Satan and return to Earth?



6 switch games afterparty

We’ve got a variety of games to check out this week! Will you try to become the very best, solve a murder, or something else? Let us know in the comments which of these 6 Switch Games excites you most!


As always, thank you for stopping by for all of your Switch-related needs. We hope this 6 Switch Games list was helpful! Have a great day.

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