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6 Switch Games Coming Out This Week

There were a lot of great games released last week! I picked up Blind Men and am highly considering Boot Hill Bounties! What did you pick up last week? We’d love to hear more about them. Now, let’s check out 6 Switch Games Coming Out This Week!

Legends of Amberland: The Forgotten Crown – Monday, April 20

Enter the world of Amberland, a world full of towers, castles, caves, and dungeons with classic 90 degree rotation, FPP, turn-based tile movement RPG gameplay. This dungeon crawler will have you take command of up to seven characters in your party.

There are many smaller stories but also a more encompassing story in which your heroes search for the Amber Crown, a relic long forgotten due to cursed magic, which allows its wearer to control a “great power.” You’ll find yourself engaged in an open world with organically designed progression paths, and must take on the ogres invading Amberland. Will you be able to save the day?

£17.99 $19.99 €19.99

Help Will Come Tomorrow – Tuesday, April 21

On the evening of the October Revolution in 1917 pre-Bolschevik Imperial Russia, passengers survive a catastrophic railway accident. You must help nine unique characters of varying social classes and discover ten different storylines of theirs as you attempt to manage the passengers’ clashing personalities and try to survive. Gathering resources, expanding the base camp, and exploring your surroundings in a frosty Siberia will help you survive as you wait for help to arrive. Weather, too, will be a factor in how you survive. Will help come tomorrow, or will your attempts at survival fail?

£17.99 $19.99 €19.99

6 switch games

Itta – Wednesday, April 22

Inspired by themes of personal struggle, you play as Itta, who wakes up surrounded by her dead family and only has a strange spirit as her guide. Given a glowing revolver for protection, Itta must use it well in this bullet hell adventure game, battling ancient golems, toothy horrors, and more! Find a variety of weapons to change up your combat styles, and turn on invincibility or player damage multipliers whenever you’d like to change up the difficulty levels. Battle eighteen bosses, discover the mystery behind this strange world, and enjoy lovely pixel art with an eclectic music score!

£13.49 $14.99 €14.99

6 switch games

Hang The Kings – Thursday, April 23

A chess inspired game with one hundred hand crafted levels of increasing complexity. Even those inexperienced with chess will find themselves capable of playing this accessible game; capture all pieces of the matching color before going on to eliminate the opposing king! Listen to relaxing, originally composed music as you focus on winning the game!

£0.89 $0.99 €0.99

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eSports Legend – Thursday, April 23

Take an unknown amateur team and make them world famous within several seasons! There are hundreds of potential members with unique personalities and skills! There are four major leagues and dozens of cups for you to challenge. Make your team a legend as you move up the ranks!

£9.99 $11.99 €10.99

6 switch games

Little Busters! Converted Edition – Thursday, April 23

Riki Naoe lost his parents as a child, and was helped out by Kyousuke Natsume, the leader of a youth group called the “Little Busters.” Riki spent time with the Little Busters until his pain and loneliness lessened. Now in present time, the group is about to split up due to college, and they decide to form a baseball team called the Little Busters. In this visual novel, you can read the story with either English or Japanese text (Japanese audio only), and you’ll be able to enjoy multiple endings! There are a variety of mini games to play, which can be turned off, allowing you to play through the story without them. 

£40.49 $44.99 €44.99

6 switch games

That’s it for some of this week’s 6 Switch Games! Which games appeal to you? Personally, I’m most interested in Help Will Come Tomorrow as well as Little Busters! Let us know what you think of these games in the comments below, and thank you for stopping by

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