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6 Switch Games Coming Out This Week

As we continue to self isolate, more and more interesting games continue to come out. Let’s check out some Switch games that are coming out once again in 6 Switch Games Coming Out This Week!

Boot Hill Bounties – Tuesday, April 14

Boot Hill Bounties, the second game in the series, takes place in war torn Bronco County. The game permits one to four players, and there are four characters that can be used. These four characters must track down five legendary outlaws to save their home. Boot Hill Bounties combines elements of spaghetti westerns with classic RPG storyline and gameplay. With no random battles, active combat with a real-time system, and a variety of activities to engage in, this seems like my type of game! 

£12.19 $14.99 €13.49

Kawaii Deathu Desu – Thursday, April 16

Play as a supernatural being incarnated as an adorable Japanese idol! Collect the souls of your fandom and engage in a competition with the goal of claiming the throne of the underworld. Fans of fast paced beat’em ups will enjoy beating up as many fans as they can! The game has simple mechanics, with only two buttons used. Each character has a special ability as well as unique gameplay styles. You will perform in many different arenas and travel the world to collect souls. There is replayability, with each show having three different modes, and there is also customization, where you can change idol’s appearances to your tastes. Play through competitive local multiplayer and unlock more and more content such as gallery images, achievements, and more. Will you be the most kawaii of them all?

£4.49 $4.99 €4.99

Super Pixel Racers – Thursday, April 16

A fast paced arcade racer that includes top-down 2D pixel graphics as well as a 16 bit soundtrack. Win races and you’ll be able to purchase new cars with better driving quality and upgrade schemes. There are thirteen different racetracks and a variety of racing styles, which range from classic racing to destroying other cars. Try to drift in order to increase your nitro gauge and easily dodge obstacles or slam into opponents. But be careful, as in-race collisions cause visible damage to your car. Will you win the race, or go down in flames?

£11.69 $14.99 €12.99

Billion Road – Thursday, April 16

Travel across Japan in order to dominate the country’s economy by earning more money than everyone else. In order to earn more money, you must land on property squares that have investment opportunities. Upon making an investment, you have to wait until March to receive a payoff. Look out for monsters that will either make you richer or poorer, and try to make extra money by landing on item squares, which help you with your goals or ruin those of your rivals. Whoever ends the game with the most money wins! There are multiple modes including multiplayer. Some modes last around thirty in game months, while other modes last up to thirty in game years. Decide for yourself how long you’d like to play for, and see if you can make it on the way to billions.

£35.99 $39.99 €39.99

Later Daters – Thursday, April 16

A very…unique…concept, Later Daters has you play as the newest resident of a retirement community. You’ll be able to customize your appearance, name, romance history, and gender. You can date other residents, with LGBTQ+ and poly inclusive relationships. Join social clubs, enjoy movie nights, and pick a companion creature such as a cat, a dog, or even a robot! This is definitely one of the most strangely interesting games I’ve seen in a long time!

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£6.79 $7.99 €7.49

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Blind Men – Friday, April 17

Keegan, the nephew of a retired super villain, wishes to become one himself by joining the League of Evil. In order to do so, he must commit a crime to complete his application. Opposing agencies will get in his way and interrupt his plans. Make choices to determine whether or not Keegan will be successful. There are two romanceable characters, multiple endings, and a catchy soundtrack to add to the experience.  

£4.99 $4.99 €4.99

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That’s it for some of this week’s upcoming Switch games! What will you be checking out? Do any of these peak your interest? Let us know in the comments!

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