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10 Reasons to Get Excited About Rune Factory 4

Juan over at SwitchWatchTV has compiled a list of 10 reasons to get excited about Rune Factory 4. The game does look to be amazing, which makes me wonder how you can boil it down to only 10 reasons. Well, without further ado, let’s find out what Juan thinks we should be excited about! Check out the video below, or continue downward to read the list here on Join us!

Ladies and gentlemen Juan Romero here with my 10 reasons you should be excited about Rune Factory 4. With it due to land on the 25th of February in North America and 28th in Europe let’s delve in and find out what this is all about.


1 Remastered

This has been beautifully remastered on the Nintendo Switch. For those that remember, this was originally released in October 2013, so over 7 years ago now. This has had a fresh lick of paint and looks better than ever on the Switch.

2 Power of the Touch

In the menu, touch controls have been included to move your items around to make things a little easier when playing in handheld mode. The touch controls do not extend to all parts of the game, though. Still, it’s nice to have some touch controls included for those that want it.

10 reasons

3 Is Not a Crowd

If you like farming simulators, then you are going to love one which is nice and relaxing with dungeon crawling and quest game combat included, all in one package. I mean, take the best from Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon, mix in a bit of Zelda-style action, and then add some dating and voilà! You have Rune Factory 4.

4 Value in the Hours

So you are a lover of getting value out of your games, huh? Well, to complete the main story, you are looking at 50+ hours. For the full completion, you are going to be looking at 200 hours or so. This is a lot of game for your money!


5 Let’s Get Physical

So you love all things physical, right? Have you seen our weekly series covering all new physical releases? If you haven’t, what on earth are you waiting for? Subscribe to the YouTube channel, hit the bell, and watch it every Monday and join Jordan for his awesome Physical Releases series.

That should tell you how mad we are about physicals, and well, this is not going to disappoint. There is a standard edition and a special edition too with a 160-page art book, official soundtrack CD, swimsuit DLC, and a premium custom box with original illustration by Minako Iwasaki. The special edition is available from Game, but is an exclusive for £54.99 in the UK. For our friends in the USA, you can pick up the Archivial Edition for $59.99 on Amazon. Looks like y’all will be buying the special edition, which is no bad thing, right?


6 Awesome Online Manual

Speaking of artwork and manuals, there is an awesome online manual for the game which has wonderful artwork. There is also a written instruction guide, which is so nice and simple to understand. I thought it was a wonderful touch.

7 English or Japanese

While a lot of the conversations are written, quite a lot of the conversations are also voiced. And in this game, you can choose either Japanese or English to listen to. Great for learning Japanese, if you want to, and helpful for those pronunciations which I get wrong time and time again.


8 Newlyweds Mode

Now included is a newlyweds mode which has new stories where you can play alongside your spouse. This goes beyond the original game with new character artwork too.

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10 reasons

9 Cut Scenes

New cut scenes have been added to the overall game with CG illustrations and a fantastic opening sequence. There is also a great soundtrack to boot, which we can’t play any of due to copyright issues. A damn shame, but take it from us, it’s great.

10 New Hard Mode Added

Last but not least, there has been a new hard mode added for those of you that cannot resist a challenge.


Are You Excited for Rune Factory 4?

That’s it for today, folks. Thank you for watching/reading our 10 Reasons to Be Excited About Rune Factory 4. We will be covering this and releasing our review as soon as the embargo lifts on the 25th. We hope you are as excited as we are about the game, and if you have any questions, just pop them in the comments below and we will do our very best to answer them.

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James will welcome you over there, and I will see you very soon on our next video, which is never very long as we keep busy with Switch content all of the time. All the Best! Love from your friendly SwitchWatchTV personality, Juan.

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