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World Neverland On Nintendo Switch Now Has Paid Save Slots
WorldNeverland Paid Save Slots
Paid save slots are now a thing on the Switch. (Apologies for the low quality image.)

Youtuber Spawn Wave has recently reported a game on the Switch’s eShop which has recently obtained a very worrisome DLC: paid save slots. The first game widely known to do this was Metal Gear Survive, and you were charged $10 per additional save slot for that title. Even though it was met with public outcry, the issue has not been discussed by Konami and apparently will not be addressed.

Now, we are seeing another game following this troubling pattern. At the cost of $4.99 on the eShop, you can buy four additional save slots. Once considered to be a basic feature of games, are we now in the transitional phase where we are literally going to have to start paying to use our hard drive space?


This is the time where we need to vote with our wallets and shut down every single attempt from a company that wants to milk us for something as basic as save slots. We are well past the time of small-capacity memory cards, and never has it been so bad to my knowledge that gamers had to buy specific memory cards for specific games.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you think that the line has been crossed here? Let us know your thoughts!

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