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This Week’s Bargains! Sales on the Switch eShop

It’s that time of the week where our awesome friends from SwitchWatchTV scour all the eShops to bring us the best deals. Check out the video for This Week’s Bargains below, or continue downward to see the written list.

Last week was all about the UK and EU sales, but in this week’s bargains, Nintendo is bringing the bargains to the US. Every Sunday, we hand pick the best deals worth considering, and we pick someone each week to win a $10 eShop voucher. All you have to do is let us know your pick of the week in the comments of the video, so be sure to subscribe and let us know your choice. Let’s jump in and take a look!


Kicking things off this week’s bargains with James’ pick of the week, it’s the fantastic platforming masterpiece, Celeste. This is a narrative-driven game that features over 600 screens of tricky platforming gameplay. Everything about this from the tight controls to the sublime soundtrack hits the right notes. We all love this one which is why it got a prized position in our top 15 indie titles on the Nintendo switch. With 50% off in the US, UK and EU, now is the time to pick it up if you don’t already own it.

UK £8.99 50%
US $9.99 50%
EU €9.99 50%

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Hello, everyone! Juan here. Ladies and gents, there was one game that stood out to me this week with a massive 75% off for our friends in the US, and it’s Dragon Ball FighterZ. If you love the anime, well, this has lovely smooth and fluid animations which you are going to love. With 3v3 modes included and online modes like ranked matches for those of you who are competitive, this is a package to suit all of your needs. It even includes a story mode! A bargain at $14.99.

US $14.99 75%

Grim Fandango Remastered

this week's bargains

Hey guys! Jordan here with my pick of the week for This Week’s Bargains. This time I’m going for a gaming legend, Grim Fandango. Released at the tail end of the golden age of point-n-click adventures, this one was created by the infinitely humorous Tim Schafer before his departure from LucasArts. And what a way to leave with this film noir/day of the dead mix. Sure, the gameplay mechanics may not have aged perfectly, but the humor, story, and character are still classic adventure gaming. Now with 75% off, you’re looking at paying just $3.74, £2.87 and €3.24. Can’t miss out at that price!

UK £2.87 75%
US $3.74 75%
EU €3.24 75%

Thanks guys! Those are some great picks there, but of course there are many more awesome deals to be found. Let’s go!

Resident Evil Revelations 2

Next up its Resident Evil Revelations 2. While both this and the original Revelations are on sale, I would recommend 2 as the stronger title. This was made for current gen consoles after all, whereas the first was made for the 3DS. In Revelations 2, the game takes survival horror into episodic sections with Claire Redfield as the lead supported by your rookie colleague Moira Burton. The action and story are well done and the port is mostly solid, especially in handheld mode. You can enjoy this one solo or along with a friend in coop, which is a great way to play. A great pick if you are looking for that action-horror fix.

UK £7.99 60%
US $9.99 50%
UK €9.99 60%


Moonlighter is a quirky title that combines managing a store and randomized dungeon crawling. The result is a fantastic experience. You play as a young man who has inherited a shop in a town that’s run down. It’s claim to fame are the mysterious dungeons that draw brave explorers from around the world looking to tackle its depths, and shop goers from far and wide are also wanting to purchase the dungeons wonders. Not content with simply managing a shop, you take the plunge into the dungeon, battling its beasts, and plundering loot which you then figure out how best to sell. You use the earnings to improve yourself before diving back in. It is very addictive. A strong RPG/sim crossover that is a bargain at 60% off.

US $9.99 60%

The Banner Saga

All 3 of the banner saga titles are on sale. The first two have a staggering 80% off, while the 3rd has a healthy 50% off.

Starting out life on mobiles, The Banner Saga games are turn-based strategy RPGs inspired by Norse mythology. The game mixes strategic gameplay with text-based decision-making as you lead a caravan against hopeless odds through the end of the world. It’s a land filled with magic and mysticism. This is not one of those light stories, either. On the contrary, it’s a serious affair that throws you in deep.

I remember completing the original on the iPad when it first came out, and you can see that the games have each improved on the last. As it has it’s roots as a mobile title, it’s right at home on the portable Switch. If you’re after a strategic game or love Norse mythology, then these could be for you. If you decide to take the plunge, I would caution against buying one of the latter titles without the earlier ones, as each builds the story on from the previous game.

Banner Saga 1
US $4.99 80%

Banner Saga 2
US $4.99 80%

Banner Saga 3
US $12.49 50%

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

this week's bargains

Civilization VI from Sid Meier is a glorious journey through the age of man from the Stone Age up until the space faring future. It’s right at home on the switch either docked or on the move. There’s no better time sink in on a sim game, and Civilization is right up there earning a rave review from Juan which you can check out HERE. At 50% off, this epic is a steal and an easy recommend for This Week’s Bargains.

US $29.99 50%


GoNNER is a rogue-lite platformer where you will die a lot. What I love about this one is it’s art, audio, and funky style. The gameplay is a blast! This one is tough and as a rogue-lite, each time you play, it’s different. There’s no memorizing your way through. There’s some permanent progression in the form of accessories that will augment your character, and picking a different loadout will shift how you play. Overall, this is a solid platformer at a great price.

US $2.99 70%


GRIS is a wonderful experience from the great publisher Devolver Digital. The protagonist Gris is a young girl dealing with a painful experience in her life. The beauty of the game is how her sorrow manifests through the girl’s dress which then grants her new abilities. A fantastic story where no words need to be used, as this game has the ability to transcend its message through its wonderful visuals and musical score.

US $8.49 50%

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

this week's bargains

The Witcher 3 just being on the Nintendo Switch is impressive. The port is as good as can be given the hardware. It is absolutely a superb game with tons of gameplay in this open world adventure. If you enjoy monster-slaying with swords, crossbows, and some powerful magic, then this is going to grab hold of you and never let go. This Complete Edition includes all of the downloadable content, so with 30% off, now is the time to pick this up.

US $41.99 30%

Jack Box Party 4

Jack Box Party 4 is the ultimate family title. Like the previous games in the series, it’s a collection of party games, quizzes, and the like which you all play by connecting your phone to the server.
The games are humorous and engaging and are well worth a go when you bring the family together, making a nice change from a board game, especially with 50% off!

US $12.49 50%

Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, the story is that you have inherited a derelict old farm from your grandad. A heart warming intro sets the scene of you turning your back on the rat race life you had and setting out to live off the land using a few broken tools and a handful of coins. A solid start, but it’s all about the gameplay and this one has it in abundance! It draws you in and before you know it hours have flown by, there’s something therapeutic about building up your farm in your own style, focusing on the things you want to do and developing relationships with the other inhabitants as the in-game seasons flow by. This was my pick out of our Top 15 indie titles video. With 33% off, you are buying hundreds of hours of enjoyment.

US $9.99 33%

LA Noire

Anything Rockstar seems to touch is superb, and LA Noire is no different. Set in LA during the 1940s, the world oozes charm. You play as a detective who sets out to solve a wide variety of intriguing cases. This port to the Nintendo Switch is handled well, and for a 9 year old game it still looks impressive. The star of the show is the voice acting which is a cut above, and with excellent writing the story catches you as you interrogate suspects and use your powers of deduction to solve crimes. This is a blast to play! The open world is a bit sparse and the game has a few flaws, but they can easily be forgiven in this expansive detective game.

US $24.99 50%

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Dead Cells

Dead Cells is another indie hit that was featured in our Top 15. This is a Metroidvania game that hits all of the marks from its challenging gameplay and variability to its tight controls and permanent upgrades. It has a dark sense of humor and a wonderful world to discover. You cannot go wrong with such a wondrous title, and if you don’t have it I can strongly recommend this for everyone!

US $17.49 30%

Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse

this week's bargains

Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse was released before Shantae Half Genie Hero and was later ported over to Switch complete with some all DLC and slight upgrades. Many consider it to be the best title in this great series. It’s a Metroidvania 2D platformer that has more of an open world feel to it than Half Genie Hero. It’s charming, colorful, and most importantly a well crafted and slick platformer!

US $11.99 40%

Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing is a solid kart game on the Nintendo switch. This differs from other titles in its focus on team play. As a team, you share weapons and help each other to victory which makes for some interesting moments. It builds on SEGA All Star Racing Transformed, but peeps back the roster to just focus on the Sonic franchise. The end result is a decent game worth considering.

US $19.99 50%

Prior UK/EU Sales in the US Now

Last week on This Week’s Bargains, we featured a bunch of titles which were not on sale in the US but now are! Rather than repeat myself, you can check out what we said about them in last weeks episode. In the meantime, all of the following are 30% off. The titles are:

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Splatoon 2

Ori and the Blind Forest

Yoshi’s Crafted World


Fitness Boxing

And there are This Week’s Bargains! There are others like the excellent God Eater 3 and South Park: The Stick of Truth as well, which are also worth checking out.  Let us know your pick of the week in the video’s comments!

Last week we missed off the winner from the week before so congratulations to (TBC)
And last weeks winner is (TBC). Congratulations to you both! Please email us at, and we will get a $10 eShop voucher sent to you. Next Sunday we will pick another winner!

Thank you for stopping by What did you think of This Week’s Bargains? We hope this transcript served you well! Happy gaming, everyone.

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