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Tesla vs Lovecraft is electrifying its way to the Switch soon!

Tesla vs Lovecraft is electrifying its way to the Switch soon!

It seems unusual to have gone so long without a Nintendo Switch release from 10tons. The prolific developer has practically exhausted their back catalogue with weekly Switch releases. Their final game to come to the Nintendo hybrid console is also their latest game and also potentially the best. Tesla vs Lovecraft has received very positive vibes from its Steam release and now it’s very close to landing on the Switch too! Tesla vs Lovecraft will be launching on March 16th priced at €14.99. Here are some more details:

tesla vs lovecraft horde

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Expect guns, powerups, selectable perks, lots of monsters. However, we’ve added to highlight features to shake things up:

– Quantum Teleport. You can warp a short distance, through anything. It’s great for escaping tight spots, and getting yourself into a tight spot for some fun, and then escaping. There’s three charges which replenish over time, so it’s not an infinite get out of jail button.

– Tesla-Mech battle robot is a hoot. After the first few levels, all levels have a mech piece somewhere to be picked up. Gather six, and you can activate the potentially ridiculously overpowered Tesla-Mech for 20 seconds of pure blasting bliss.
tesla gif
Well there you have it! Will you be picking up Tesla vs Lovecraft when it releases on the Nintendo Switch? Be sure to let us know!
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