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Aqua Kitty Nintendo Switch Review

Aqua Kitty Nintendo Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer Tikipod

Publisher Tikipod

Release Date: Out Now

Price as of Article: $8,99 £6.49

Like everything in Aqua Kitty UDX, everything is kept simple including the audio. This game includes a catchy track for each mode. The sound effects are very simple, bullets sound great as do the little explosions and the meow of a cat every now and again adds a real sense of urgency. Gotta save those kittys!

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The visuals here are nothing spectacular but again the sprites are clear, it’s obvious your traversing your under water ship through water with, the propellor spewing out bubbles and the ships on the surface bobbing up and down. Colours are crisp and this runs perfectly. This doesn’t push the Nintendo Switch in the slightest but it’s seriously nice to play in both handheld and docked mode. The backgrounds change slightly from level to level from battling in the day to battling in darker waters at night with the moon shining.

Simplicity in it’s purest form

There is something to say about simplicity in games and Aqua Kitty is one of those games that doesn’t have much in the way of differing mechanics yet it feels very satisfying to play.

The game is simple, defend the cats below who are mining milk, I mean cats cannot be without milk right and I think the dev must have made this game based in water as a little joke. We all know how much cats hate being in water so it’s adorable seeing them in their little underwater suits! Robot enemies come in their swarms to take you down and kidnap the kitty’s down below. Robots can attack from anywhere on screen but also outside of the screen which you will see on the map which is very helpful as it allows you to strategise where to attack. The goal here is to wipe out the robots and save as many kitties who are mining from being kidnapped as possible. Keep going left or right and you will end up in the same place full circle.


This game strikes the perfect balance between intensity without getting overrun, everything here is manageable which keeps it really fun. There are a differing enemies firing bullets at you and it’s down to you to be able to dodge these while firing back using either your primary weapon a pea shooter of a gun or a secondary weapon which can only be used for a limited time and needs to recharge. This fires off quick and more powerful rounds in a triple formation and is best saved for those tricky situations. There are also power-ups that you can acquire throughout the game to make your ship more powerful ranging from large one-off bombs to take out anything within a certain range or multidirectional shots which can save your cats from being kidnapped from the pesky jellyfish. Once these guys have your kitty they swim to the surface of the water and then start to fly away. You cannot usually then shot them unless picking up the upgrade to shoot upwards which is very useful for a last-gasp save. Nothing better seeing your kitty fall from the sky and back into the water to get back to mining milk.


In terms of modes, there is Classic which sees you beating a number of maps and some bosses which you will encounter along the way. If you perish you can start from the beginning of the particular map your on. To 100% classic mode you will need to save all the kitty’s in each map which is easier said than done so this adds an element of challenge.

Arcade mode is very similar and the only difference is that you have one life to get as far as you can. The last mode is one I would say is possibly the most fun and is the Dreadnaught mode. This mode is completely different in that you don’t need to worry about protecting the kitty’s. Instead, your focus is to take down a large ship by battling your way to its core and once there blowing it up. It’s a lot more attack based instead of defensive.

Local Multiplayer

You can play up to two players on one Switch and it’s great pairing up with a friend to play this and is I believe a really good edition as this is not too complex to play with anyone. Controls are very tight indeed which makes playing this an absolute doddle. Nothing here ever feels unfair and if you do die it’s most likely because it was your fault and not the games which is always a good sign.

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Update 12/03/2018-Online Leaderboards

This game does, in fact, include online leaderboards so you can chase your friends or those around the world’s scores which is an excellent addition for a game of this price and shows that it can be done and should be included in most arcade games like this.


In order for games like this to stand a chance they need to deliver a fun gaming experience and Aqua Kitty UDX delivers in this respect. While it doesn’t have the most content in the world, it delivers on the content it does have. Each mode is great fun in their own right and you can pick this one up for a quick blast at anytime and have great fun with it. The price is £6,49 or $8,99. Your getting a great shooter that you will come back to time and time again and so for me it’s worth the hard earned cash.


Delivers fun

controls are tight

Online Leaderboards!


No dogs for dog lovers

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