It’s happening!

The news everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived, Stardew Valley is coming to the Switch this Thursday 5th October at a price of £10.99($14.99) which is on par with other consoles and PC and let me tell you folks, it’s worth every penny!

The good life!

For those that don’t know about Stardew Valley(sort yourselves out!), Stardew is a cross-genre game that features sim life and RPG elements all rolled into one gorgeous 16-bit masterpiece. You start life taking over your Grandpa’s farm after his passing in a little place called Stardew Valley, a quiet place with a lot of adorable and sometimes strange characters. From there it’s up to you to get this place back on its feet from farming, mining, socializing, romancing, fighting monsters and SO much more you’ll never be short of something to do in Stardew Valley and prepare yourselves, we’re going to lose hours of our lives.

Multiplayer coming soon hopefully!

Also, there’s been hints of a future multiplayer co-op update first going into beta on the PC at the end of 2017 which will feature having 3 cabins on your farm each which can house a friend. You’ll all have access to the full game so you can all marry NPCs, forage together and go out to the caves. Exciting times ahead!

Be sure to keep an eye out here for the Stardew Valley review!