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Read Comics on the Go with an InkyPen Subscription
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Do you love comics? Do you love your Switch? If your answer to both of these were a resounding “yes”, then brace yourself for InkyPen, a digital comic book subscription service coming to the Nintendo Switch exclusively this November!

Of course we can’t yet comment on the quality of the app itself; interface, catalog etc. But judging by the recently released trailer alone, it looks and sounds like it will be an awesome feature, that will make it easy and evermore convenient to take your comics with you on the go.

Over 10.000 comics and novels will become available according to the subscription firm, and among these are familiar faces like Sonic the Hedgehog, Judge Dredd, and Transformers.

No word has yet been given on a specific date, but we imagine more info will be revealed as we near the release. As for pricing, their official twitter account reveals a monthly fee of only €7.99/$7.99.

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