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Morphies Law Coming to Nintendo Switch Today

Morphies Law was originally supposed to be released on the Nintendo Switch in December of 2017, but it was inexplicably pushed back due to bugs. However, news surfaced today in Nintendo’s Indies Highlights that the titular, shape-shifting shooter will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch today! In fact, the game will be launching on the eShop in just under two hours from the time this article is being posted.

Competitive, 4v4 Shooting

Compete against friends, strangers and bots in the popular 4v4 shooting genre with a twist.

These days, shooters remain one of the most popular genres. Few of these games are presented in the third person, however. Fortnight is one of the few examples of that. If you are a fan of third-person, competitive shooters, then you will have something to get excited for here. However, this is not your typical, realistic, military shooter. Morphies Law comes with quite an intriguing twist.


Character’s Can Have Their Bodies Morphed Dramatically

Morphies Law
Your characters can have their figures altered in quite diverse ways.

During the course of play, your characters will be constantly changing. This can have both a detrimental and beneficial affect on how you play the game. For example, the bigger you are, the bigger of a target you are, and you cannot enter small entrances to buildings. However, you gain a height advantage allowing you to see farther while also letting you target enemies who may be on buildings. By that same token, player who are taking a lot of damage will become small thus being harder to hit, more agile and capable of entering small spaces. Additionally, your body shape can give you brand-new abilities such as long legs making you able to jump much higher than normal. But how does this happen?

Steal Mass By Shooting Enemies

Morphies Law Stealing Mass
The caption says it all.

The strategy in Morphies Law involves targeting the specific body parts of your opponents you wish to steal. As you shoot them, their body part being shot will shrink while yours proportionately grows. This makes for quite a unique strategy among competitive shooters, and it forces players to dynamically change their playing style during the course of the match in order to adapt to the current shape of their body. In addition to this, a unique kind of balance is created among the highly skilled and less skilled players as the people playing very well become bigger targets as mentioned before.


How Do You Win A Match?

Morphies Law win
To punch one’s head off is to die in glorious fireworks.

Just as Morphies Law takes on a unique concept for competing against other players, it also has a unique win condition. As both teams steal mass from their opponents, a team avatar in the background will continually grow. At the end of the match, the biggest one will proceed to literally punch the head off the other avatar in glorious victory! I am presently unaware of whether the match ends after a timer runs out or if it ends after one of the avatars reaches “critical mass” so to speak. Come back to the full review to hear that!

Features Include Character Customization and Gyro Aiming

Morphies Law Customize weapons
Customization options allow you to combine guns and choose your morphies’ design.

Morphies Law gives players the autonomy to choose the design of their Morphie (Morphy?) along with combining two weapons into one. However, the feature that many Switch owners have become accustomed to which will make many excited is the inclusion of gyro aiming. What can I say? We have gotten spoiled to it, and its inclusion just makes the prospect of this game all the sweeter for quite a large audience.



60ish FPS

Gotta give credit where credit is due. That was an absolutely hilarious way to tell us to expect some frame drops but that we can expect the game to be at and around 60 FPS. They were upfront about the fact that there will be frame drops sometimes, and I can absolutely respect that.

The Game Is Available Today For $19.99 USD and £15.99 GBP.

The game is finally going to be available today, and it will be coming at a very reasonable price. Will you be getting it? I certainly will, and I look forward to seeing you online!



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