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Pre-Order Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection today! (EU only)


Have you been highly anticipated and excited about the release of Capcom’s newest collection to honor the 30th birthday of Street Fighter? If the games aged well is for you to decide, but if you want to get your hands onto the retail version and live in the EU, you can pre-order it now to get it in time!


So, you have decided to pick up a copy for this tightly packed all-in-one-collection for your beloved Switch, but as it happens, you cannot find a single one on Amazon? Your search abilities are not to blame – Amazon wasn’t fortunate to get any of those beauties. As the Switch version is not available to any larger retailers, you will only find a copy for the PS4 or Xbox One there.

Luckily, a lesser known online seller named base was lucky enough to be able to present you the version for the Nintendo console. You can pre-order it now for £ 37.85 / € 43.72 due to the release on May, 28th.



Not sure if you should? Here are some additional informations for you:

  • Compilation of 12 classic arcade titles (Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, Street Fighter III: Third Strike and Street Fighter Alpha 3 and many more)
  • Improved gameplay options which includes online play
  • Interactive timeline where you review many moments from the rich Street Fighter-history
  • Character bios for you to learn more about Ken, Guile, Chun-Li and many others
  • Music collections to listen to all the great themes and tunes Street Fighter has to offer

Will you pick up a retail copy of the game to have a fight on the go? Or to share your favorite character? You know where you can do that, so leave a comment!

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