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Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase Spring 2018 Summary

With almost 15 Minutes packed with content, the Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase was held yesterday. Today, I am focusing on the titles that will be announced for our beloves newest Nintendo console. I am a big retro and indie game fan, so I am looking forward to some titles. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Mark Of The Ninja Remastered

The first announcement in this showcase was Mark Of The Ninja Remastered. The stealth action game was a great opening for my taste. As a long time fan of Metal Gear Solid and Tenchu, I am looking forward to the title from Klei Entertainment. Originally released in 2012 for XBox Live Arcade, this game gets a good polish for the Nintendo Switch with its release in fall 2018.


Fantasy Strike

Super Smash Bros. will be on the Switch some day. Before you get this highly anticipated game, you can take some chances in Fantasy Strike. With everything to be your next weapon to victory, you beat the hell out of your opponents in this strategic fighting game. But variations do not stop with weapons: with a good range of different characters, you can be everything! A ninja, a panda, a fish? And even a dragon! But, there are also some humans as well. Sounds promising? It does indeed and it will prove itself with a launch this summer.

Just Shapes & Beats

When summer comes to mind, I think of sun, beaches and music. Why music? Because I love to listen to music at every occasion. So, why don’t combine these things while going to the beach and spent a sunny day outside playing a rhythm game packed with music on the Nintendo Switch?! Indie title Just Shapes & Beats will grant me this wish. Having a charming vibe and reminding me of Patapon, this title brings bullet hell onto your Switch in many (wait for it…!) shapes and beats. With a story mode, you can play alone. Or you can play local and online multiplayer. See, this punchline wasn’t so off, right?



This title from tinyBuild has a unique feeling to it. You start off with a view from above and guide the protagonist through a gloomy world. They promise us a feeling from old B-horror movies and many scenes too rough to show on the Nindies showcase. With a growing library of horror games, this launch will be Nintendo Switch exclusive. Coming in March, you barely can catch a breath with all those games filled with fear and gore.

Pool Panic

You think pool is boring? Not in this game! Just watching the trailer in the showcase made my head turn. With a strong dislike for sports in real life, I fancy the digital sports world even more (if you had read my Midnight Deluxe review, you know what I am talking about). In pool panic, you have no cue (sorry, had to pull off this one, too!) what is going on as you start as an innocent white ball. You spin around in over 100 level through cities, forests and more, and if you do not want to play alone, grab a friend and start a coop game! The release of Pool Panic will be somewhere in 2018.

Bomb Chicken Image
What came first? The chicken or the bomb?

Bomb Chicken

How about some chicken on your Switch? Fire up the heat for this action-packed puzzle platformer where you conquer 2D level as…. a chicken. With bombs as your weapons, you fire up the place with blunt force but sometimes you got to use that force carefully. With such adorable graphics, this title from Nitrome reminded me of Bomberman and hell, this main character sure is interesting. I am into arcade games, so this one is definitely a title to look into if you ask me.

Lumines Remastered

Another game remastered for our lovely Switch, this puzzle game will challenge you in local multiplayer or alone in Spring 2018. Having great visuals, this title from developer Enhance looks appealing. Its usage of the HD rumble feature provides you with a great feedback when you play, so this is anything than an ordinary puzzle game!


Reigns Kings And Queens

This title had me pumped up the most on the Nintendo Switch. Being a very loyal and dedicated fan to the guys over at Telltale Games, this made my day. With a combination of both Reigns and Reigns: Her Majesty, this simulation game comes to the Switch in early spring. Every decision you make counts and has an impact on your storyline. But behold, this is not “just” a port for the Switch. For the first time, you actually can play this game together with a friend!

Light Fall

The platforming adventure game had a beautiful environment which somehow reminded me of Ori And The Blind Forest.  You are making your way through teh forgotten world of Numbra to discover your mysterious past. Since Celeste blew the mind of many players (and Juan’s, too!) out there, this title sounds highly promising. I wonder what Light Fall can offer us besides those fast-pacced platforming action and beautiful viusuals?

West Of Loathing Image
Nice hats, guys.

West Of Loathing

Speaking of beautiful visuals… West Of Loathing made me laugh because of it’s apperance. This game offers a stick-figure wild west RPG. Sounds hilarious and so does the graphics for this Nintendo Switch system exclusive. Just because it seems so unique, I really have high hopes in it. Already released for PC, this funny roleplay adventure will soon launch in spring 2018.



Explore a rich in color world in Pode as a rock and a star. Both of them explore a mountain and cooperating with each other is the key to success here. You can play together as a friend splitting up the Joy-Cons or you go on this adventure alone. Interesting fact: the developers are located in norway and their homecountry inspired them for their game as well. Norway has a beautiful nature to offer, but what about this game? It sure looks very cute in my opinion.  Will definately grab my friend from Norway and ask her about her opinion on it! (And the title sounds so adorable when you say it as well!)


The Messenger

“Ninja Gaiden! Ninja Gaiden! Ninja Gaiden!” My head went crazy after seeing this title. All I could think of was this very hard and challenging retro classic. Although, The Messenger from developer Sabotage is more than just a rip-off. You are a ninja with time travelling abilities, switching forth and back between 8-bit and 16-bit art style while fighting trough a cursed world. As you fight for the survival of your clan, you can find hidden levels and new abilities along the way. Get ready in summer for this game from Sabotage Studio and wake your Ninja Gaiden nostalgia within!

Bad North

Test your strategic skills with Bad North, releasing this summer on Nintendo Switch. The player rises up to follow the path of his father, the king of an overrun land. You are the only hope in this strategic survival game, as the Vikings murdered your father. Plan every move careful in real-time battles as you fight back and unlock upgrades and collectibles along the way.

The Banner Saga 3 Image
How will you take on that fight in The Banner Saga 3?

The Banner Saga 3

Saving this title for the end, this final instalment of an strategic RPG trilogy will be released this summer. Stoic, founded by former BioWare employes, are responsible behind The Banner Saga. You have to make your choices in this game as well as you face tragic losses in hard battles. Heavy story driven, I am looking forward to this game on the Nintendo Switch what once had began back in 2014 with the first title of three!

And here we are, the end of my wrap-up for the Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase. 14 titles in roughly 15 minutes. What were your thoughts on the Nindies showcase? Did it disappoint you? Are you looking forward to some games or did you miss a title dearly? Thanks for reading and let us hear what you think down in the comments section!

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