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6 Switch Games Coming Out This Week

Last week we checked out some pretty good Switch games. This week we have even more great Switch games to take a look at. First full week of April, here we go!

Grimvalor – Tuesday, April 7

Discover the fate of the lost king of Vallaris. Cast into the abyss, you are surrounded by enemies and must slice through hordes of darkness. Explore, find treasure, and upgrade your equipment and relics. Engage in skill based combat as you level up your character, and play through new game+ mode with even more powerful enemies and better equipment!

£11.99 $12.99 €12.99

Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories – Tuesday, April 7

A massive earthquake has struck your city. You find yourself in the midst of a crisis. You must make quick, responsible decisions in order to save yourself and the lives of others. Aftershocks, fire, falling buildings, and unstable ground all await you in this disaster game. Will you survive to make a disaster report? Check out Alex’s review as well!

£53.99 $59.99 €59.99

Galaxy of Pen & Paper +1 Edition – Wednesday, April 8

A turn-based meta RPG based in 1999 in which a group of players roll dice and roleplay, explore distant planets using their imagination, fight aliens, and save the galaxy! This game is supposed to take inspiration from the pen and paper games from your childhood. Players get to create their own game master, customize party builds, and more! This +1 edition includes new characters, classes, skills, planets, quests, and an additional three hours of gameplay!

£11.29 $12.49 €12.49

Convoy: A Tactical Roguelike – Wednesday, April 8

Inspired by Mad Max and FTL, Convoy is a tactical roguelike where you travel through a wasteland to find parts for your broken ship. You will encounter strangers in randomized scenarios after picking up radio signals. Your choices decide whether you engage in tactical combat, text based dialogue, or chance-based roleplay. You’ll have to keep your convoy and cargo safe from enemies like raiders and privateers. Death is permanent in Convoy, so you’ll have to make sure to keep your equipment upgraded. Convoy has a new spin on tactical combat in which you engage in a high speed car chase and have to position units and use their abilities to achieve success. Can you make your way out of the wasteland?

£13.49 $14.99 €14.99

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Towertale – Wednesday, April 8

A 2D story-driven action game that strongly emphasizes boss battles. Make your way through the tower and challenge bosses at each level. You’ll have to discover the mystery that lies at the tower’s peak. Play through four different stories, unlock multiple endings, and engage in co-op mode, arcade mode, free mode, and boss-rush. According to the legends, whoever defeats all of the guardians and gets to the top of the tower will receive the ability to make a wish. Many have tried and all have failed. Will you be the first to find success? Look forward to Jason’s review this week.

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£7.99 $9.99 €8.99

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Monster Viator – Thursday, April 9

In the latest entry from Kemco, you play as amnesiac Culter, who is able to communicate with monsters. He encounters Aira, a shepherd capable of controlling monsters using a harp. The two set out on a journey together to recover Culter’s memories. Experience an adventure with a thousand monsters, a Fountain of Truth, and a witch! You can ride a dragon, fly through the sky, or raft down a river. You can have more than twenty monsters accompany you on your journey as you explore many challenging dungeons. 

£13.49 $14.99 €14.99

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Well, that’s it for this week’s upcoming Switch games. What will you be picking up this week? I’m interested in about half of the games this week myself! Let us know in the comments what interests you, and thank you for visiting

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