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5 Reasons to Buy Kirby Star Allies

5 Reasons to Buy Kirby Star Allies

Now into the Nintendo Switch’s second year of life as a console, Nintendo have kicked it off with one of their most loveable and squishy mascots – Kirby Star Allies. 

Kirby Star Allies is yet another excellent game in the oh so reliable Kirby series as you can see in our review. This loveable pink blob has had so many consistently good games in its mainline series you can always count on him for a good time. With so many great games on the Switch to choose from, I’ve decided to tell you 5 reasons why you should purchase Kirby Star Allies for your system. Now obviously I am being a little tongue in cheek saying you should buy it, but think of this as more of a bullet point of good things about the game. Don’t forget to check our full review for a more in depth analysis of Nintendo’s latest big game.

The Music

Let’s not beat around the bush, the Kirby series is always known for its high quality soundtracks mostly composed by Hirakazu Ando and Jun Ishikawa, who are just about a staple of the series as Kirby himself. They’re back in full force after an excellent showing on Planet Robobot on 3DS with another adventurous soundtrack on Star Allies. You know that you’re in store for another delight on the ears.

With recognisable themes all over the shop, remixed in new and exciting ways, the duo have definitely got to grips on what makes Kirby music. Well, the fact is Ando and Ishikawa are Kirby music.

There will no doubt be times when you just want to stop playing the game, just so you can take in the music that can sometimes be lost in the chaotic noise of the multiplayer action. It’s definitely one you’ll want to fully take in and even listen to outside of the game.

kirby star allies tropical

The Most Expansive Kirby Game Yet

Kirby has (almost) always had the ability to inhale enemies and steal their characteristics. It’s the series’ main staple and what you’d expect as a bare minimum from any Kirby game. While experimentation has occurred once or twice, Star Allies goes the whole hog with mixing, matching and augmenting the abilities beyond anything we’ve seen before. Yes, they’ve tried a couple of times in the past with the main example being Kirby 64, but with only seven base abilities, combinations were a little limited. Not here though, Star Allies goes all out, so much so you may spend time not playing the game properly just so you can check out which combinations of abilities do what. 

This is definitely an excellent way for Kirby to go in the future and is a great platform for expanding on even further in the future. More mixing, combinations and experimentation the better in my opinion. Let’s show Nintendo that this is what we want more of.

kirby copy mixing sizzle bomb

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Best Co-Op Action on the Switch

While the Nintendo Switch is ripe for multiplayer action thanks to the detachable Joy Cons making the effort seamless and far more convenient than rival consoles, so far Nintendo haven’t take huge advantage of that themselves in their big games, especially in a co-op nature. You have the competitive Mario Kart and the smaller title Snipperclips, but Kirby Star Allies is the first big title to capitalise on working together.

It provides the best co-op game on the systems so far. Working together in chaotic conditions is so much fun and the more people, the better. Two players is good, three players is great and four players is a party.

While the game is perfectly playable in single player, you’re definitely missing a trick if you don’t get a friend or two to come along for the ride. Working together to create different attacks is so much fun and even hindering your friend by shooting them off accidentally provides the laughs that we’re used to from games such as New Super Mario Bros when in full co-op mode.

Yes, some may lament the lack of focus on a single player game, but this is what the Nintendo Switch needed right now.

kirby shooting out of canons

Perfect For Families

Following on from the co-op primed gameplay, that nicely leads into our next point. Kirby Star Allies is primed for family friendly game time. The gameplay is simple enough for even the youngest of children and enjoyable for adults too. Either siblings or parents helping their kids in Star Allies is great way to start family gaming time. 

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Parents and children can play together equally and have fun regardless of skill thanks to the easy curve of Kirby’s difficulty. Both parents together with two kids seems like an idealised Nintendo TV advertisement, but this is honestly one you would want to emulate.

While my child is still on the way, it’s games like Kirby that make me wish they were out and ready for gaming time with Daddy. I suspect many parents will find this the best Nintendo Switch game to play with their kids, at least in a cooperative nature.

kirby swole dedede

It’s So Adorable

I mean seriously. Do I really need to say much about this? Just look at this picture gallery:

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More games need to be as cute as Kirby Star Allies

These have been 5 reasons to buy Kirby Star Allies. It has amazing music, it’s the most expansive Kirby game we’ve had to date, has some of the best co-op gameplay on the Switch, it’s the best family friendly game on the system and it’s also unbearably adorable. There you have it. Are these reasons good enough for you to pick up Kirby Star Allies on the Switch? Let us know in the comments below!

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