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Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games – June 2018

 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games – June 2018

May was a hectic time for Nintendo Switch owners but don’t let that make you think June is going to be any easier, oh no. June is just as packed and this time with less Wii U ports! It includes an interesting new Nintendo franchise and a beleaguered series’ return to form, well hopefully. Now we could just go ahead and show you all the known games, but we’d rather not waste your time, instead, we’ve hand picked the ones that you should probably give your attention to!

As always, 5 games in release date order!

Sushi Striker: Way of the Sushido

Once slated as a 3DS exclusive, Nintendo saw sense and later decided to announce it for the Switch too. Developed by Nintendo and indiezeroes, famous for their superb Theatrhythm games on 3DS, this new IP attempt has a decent pedigree behind it even if public reaction has been somewhat muted so far. That’s probably because they haven’t played it. Sushi Striker doesn’t look like much, but when it’s in your hands, apparently it’s super addictive and hectic with lots of potential to be a really fun game. They’ve gone all out with the story and presentation too, to help it stand out from looking like a quick eShop game. There’s a full story mode along with lengthy animated cutscenes that truly stand out and give it a real step up. This sushi flinging action looks to be a fun time when it releases on June 8th.

Sushi Striker Image 1

Mario Tennis Aces

After an almost pathetic entry on the Wii U, the Mario Tennis franchise and its developers, Camelot Software had a lot to prove to bring the series back to its once respected status. That looks to be the case with Tennis Aces. The Wii U game lacked so much content it was depressing with a limited single player experience, and only one stadium, Aces has addressed both of those concerns and more.

With more shot types, the tactical nature has become much higher and now there are lush, beautiful courts to play on and, best of all, a proper story mode. Sure it’s probably not going to rival the old Game Boy or Advance games in its depth for sure. But it’s great incentive to purchase if you don’t plan on playing with other people.

Mario Tennis Aces will be serving on the courts on June 22nd.

Mario Tennis Aces Image 1

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Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Here we have the eagerly anticipated port of the not-too-old Bethesda game, Wolfenstein II. Developed by Machine Games and ported by the ever-reliable Panic Button, this looks to be yet another excellent example of what the Switch may be capable of doing on a technical level.

Fun, no nonsense gunplay is the order of the day for Wolfenstein and certainly a bastion of the single player experience which seems to be losing its way with publishers of Triple-A games. No doubt big publishers will be keeping an eye out for how well this does and who knows, maybe we can see some brand new Bethesda games on the Switch and not just late ports.

Wolfenstein II will be taking another shot on the Switch on the 29th of June.

Wolfenstein 2 nintendo Switch

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

With a bit of an odd name (yes, it’s an NIS America game so of course), Ys VIII is an absolutely fantastic game. I can say this with confidence of having previously played it on the PlayStation Vita. This Switch port is from the PlayStation 4 version in glorious HD including a whole new re-translation. Now, I didn’t really notice anything too wrong with it aside from the introduction, but yes, it’s coming to the Switch better than ever. Hopefully I will be reviewing it for the Switch, so look out for my high praise of this action RPG classic. Ys VIII will be casting on to the Switch on June 29th.

Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana Frame Rate

Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy

As a surprise addition to the June lineup, Crash Bandicoot is making his return to Nintendo hardware earlier than expected. The N’Sane Trilogy release date has been brought forward which is not something you always see these days. Usually they go the other way. Anyways, this highly acclaimed remake of the three original PlayStation games really struck a chord with the public when it released last year on the PS4, people claiming it as one of the nicer doses of nostalgia as well as providing great value for money. We will be finding out when Crash spins on to the Switch on 29th June.


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Of course there’s much more than these 5 games coming to Switch in June and so as always, here are some honorable mentions:

Happy Birthdays

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Lumines Remastered

Legendary Eleven

Let us know in the comments below, which Nintendo Switch games are you most looking forward to in June?

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