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Team Talk: Who And What Would We Like To See In Smash 5?

Team Talk: Who And What Would We Like To See In Smash 5?

Team Talk is where members of the Switch Watch crew gather together to give their opinions on various different things; reveals, reviews or analysis.

All of us here at Switchwatch are eagerly anticipating news on the upcoming Super Smash Brothers title along with the rest of you, and we thought it would be fun to make a wishlist of our two most-wanted characters and most-wanted feature for the new game. Check it out and let us know in the comments below if you agree with our choices or if you have some other characters you wish could be in it.


Brian Myers

My number one character I would love to see make his way into Nintendo’s premiere platforming fighter title is Ridley of Metroid fame. We have been given the “Ridley is too big” argument before, but Ridley has been portrayed as a small character before in Metroid as well as the intro cut scene of Melee. If nothing else, I think the Smash Bros series at least needs a little more Metroid representation.

Melee Ridley

Another character I would love to see in the Super Smash Bros series is Spring Man from ARMS. Some liberties would need to be taken with the character’s moveset to make it work in Smash considering you can really only punch with curved movement in that game, but I feel he would be a fantastic addition to the roster as a mid to long-range fighter. I could easily envision his final Smash being the rapid punch super attack from ARMS, and after his damage meter raises above a certain level his attacks always get some kind of charged benefit.


The feature I would love to see is without a doubt the return of directional air dodges as we had in Melee. I had always felt the ability to have one sharp dodge which you could make in the air had far more maneuverability options than the air dodging mechanic introduced in Brawl and beyond. Then, of course, directional air dodges would open the possibility of wavedashing in the Smash Bros series again. If nothing else, I would love to see an option in the Custom Smash mode to turn on Melee-style air dodges. I would have just one change to the mechanic I would make. In Melee, performing an air dodge would put you into a special fall which means you couldn’t make any moves until you touch the ground again. I would change it to remove the special fall which would allow the air dodge to effectively become a third short hop that all characters would have access to.



Jordan Humphries

Even before Smash 4 on the Wii U and 3DS there’s always been one character I’ve really, really wanted to join the fray. Isaac from Golden Sun. Now I’m not going to claim I’m the biggest fan of the Golden Sun series. I like it, but I’ve only seriously played the first. Isaac always struck me as an interesting character with a lot of potential for a Smash character.

With the Psynergy powers that the series is known for, there’s a lot they could do with the character potentially making him a magic-based distance fighter with a physical presence, too. Plus, he looks cool! The only thing I could see getting in the way of him making an appearance in Smash is the fact his Japanese name is Robin… of which there is already a Robin in Smash.

An appearance in Smash could also pave the way for a Golden Sun revival which I would love very much and give me an excuse to fire up the games which I do actually own! A Switch Golden Sun would make me very happy indeed and at least let Camelot make something other than tennis and golf games.

isaac golden sun

My secondary choice for a character would be Paper Mario. I feels it’s time for this tree-derived Mario spin-off with 5 full games of his own and a major appearance in the Mario + Luigi franchise to be given a chance to shine in Smash. He certainly has enough of a pedigree for it! The potential moves are numerous and can be very inventive thanks to his Paper nature and his history of moves. I imagine his famous hammer would play a big part, and his special moves could really do interesting things. For example, for his up special to save him from falling to his doom, he could transform into a paper aeroplane and zoom to safety.

With the franchise still well alive, I can imagine Paper Mario stands a much better chance of reaching the roster than Isaac does. If either one of these two characters makes it. I will be very happy indeed!


There are plenty of features I would like to see added to Smash, although if I had to choose one it would be the ability to customise which stage hazards. Sometimes stages can have a myriad of hazards, some more severe than others. I would really love to be able to pick which ones show up or not. This is especially the case with bosses such as the Yellow Devil and Ridley which are occasionally fun, can often ruin a fun experience. I’m not the kind of person to demand Final Destination all of the time, and I do love a good hazard plenty of the time. It would be just nice to be able to decide for myself which ones I’m in the mood for at that particular time.


Jennifer Reichel

Since I haven’t played Smash for a long time, I found this Team Talk difficult as well as exciting. It took me back to the first encounter I had with Super Smash Bros. Actually, I was pretty flabbergasted how much I fell in love with this title since I never was a fan of fighting games. Especially not in my younger gaming years.

A character I would love to see in the Smash universe is “someone” we all know too well: Master Hand. Do not call me crazy on this! He was a playable character! But just thanks to hacking or a glitch. To bring up the nostalgia, I would love to actually see Master Hand (or Crazy Hand, the left-hand counterpart) as an official playable character. Having him as the main recurring boss in the Super Smash Bros. universe was always sort of anticlimactic for me. Fighting your way through all the cool contestants and then you got flipped off the platform by a giant hand?! Sure pissed me off, and I would find great desire in doing that to others as well.

Master Hand

Seeing the inklings coming to Smash 5 is a welcome addition to me. Like Brian, I also think that someone from the ARMS game would be an excellent choice! You fight in ARMS all the time, so why not take it over to the Smash franchise? My personal pick would be Ribbon Girl, though.

During the ARMS Global Test Punch, Twintelle was definitely the one that suited my individual playing style, but Ribbon Girl is more iconic and known to the public if you ask me. Hell, I knew her even before I played ARMS myself for the first time!

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katana zero

Since me playing any Smash game is ancient history, I prefer to leave the opinions to the pros. Maybe I should try a match later? Anyway, Super Smash Bros. 5 is something I am looking forward to a lot, and who said my career in that cannot bloom anymore…?

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Lachlan Bruce
Lachlan Bruce


My wish list for Super Smash Bros. characters aren’t exactly likely for reasons I will list below. A lot of the characters I would love to be in Smash have already appeared such as Ness, Lucas, Roy, Ike, Sonic, Luigi, Solid Snake, Captain Olimar, Toon Link and even Cloud. Because of this, it makes my list less about who I want to play as and more about who I’d like to see on the roster.

First up, I have to give my first wish to Rayman. I believe Rayman is an under-utilised character with a move set that would fit in perfectly with a Smash game. His limbless hands and feet would create some fun animations that could be tricky for opponents to read with a deceptive attack range, and it just seems like he would be a lot of fun to use. Add in the fact that he is an Ubisoft character and that the Rabbids who spun off from the Rayman series have teamed up with the Mario gang already, and I can begin to talk myself into believing his inclusion to be a possibility.



And for my second character, I’m going to dig deep into Nintendo’s history. Did you know that Nintendo once created a straight-up 2d fighting game for the Famicom? The Japanese-only release was called Joy Mecha Fight and had some wonderfully designed characters. The one I want to pull from that game is the mascot, Sukapon. It is another limbless character made up of red blobs and is cute as all heck. The interesting thing about Sukapon is that because it originates from a fighting game, it already has most of a move set fleshed out. I don’t believe it will ever happen, but Sukapon has been forgotten for too long!


As far as features go, I don’t really have anything to really request. I am a simple person who has enjoyed every iteration of the series from the fast-paced battles of Melee to the slower-paced and more deliberate gameplay of Brawl. Because of this, I want to actually request something to not be in the game. Please, no tripping mechanic or any other random gimmick like it.



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