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Super One More Jump Switch Review-Just one more jump!

Super One More Jump Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer Premo games

Publisher SMG Studio

Release Date: Out Now

Price as of Article: $7.00 USD, £4.99 GBP

This game will not be scored on story as it doesn’t have one which makes it easy to move onto audio.

Super One More Jump has a track playing all the way through and after a while, it does become rather on the repetitive side but that’s not to say that it can’t be enjoyed for the first couple of hours at least. If you get bored with the music, turn it off. Keep the sound effects up and play your own music and crisis averted.

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The visuals here are as simple as your going to get and function in the way they are intended. The sprites you can choose are nice and cheerful. Levels here are not overly complex looking and what you see is what you get. There are no issues in terms of performance either in handheld mode or in docked mode.

Let’s make no bones about it, this game is all about the gameplay and on that this delivers in spades! First and foremost this is a one button platform game, the rest is about timing that button press to make your sprite jump at the right time. The controls feels really good and responsive and any death here is going to be your fault. Sounds like it’s the most simplistic game in the world and there can’t be much too it. Like any good addictive game it absolutely gets the mechanics and controls bang on.

Your sprite moves along by itself and you have to time each jump to avoid the multitude of obstacles in your way. When reaching the end of a platform and jumping your sprite curves round. Two walls next to each other and you can jump up between them but one thing remains constant, your sprite is always moving. Later on, walls or platforms will disappear, springs will be added to send you in the opposite direction and there will be more obstacles to traverse to reach your end goal which is not always obvious.

You can complete the levels quite easily by just reaching the goal. The challenge comes in, collecting the blue crystals which are going to be placed so that they are difficult to get without perishing which you will do a lot as this is a one hit and your dead affair.  While it’s easy to play it safe to complete a level, you must take greater risks for the crystals especially if you want to perfect each level and get all three by the end.

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I was also impressed with the modes available to play, you can play co-op with up to four friends where you can work together to time jumps which is tough but also a lot of fun for the whole family. Two player versus sees you playing against another to see who can get the highest score and Endless mode where you get to complete a random level each time. If you want to ramp up the difficulty then enter into the Challenge mode. All modes were fun in their own right to play and none of it felt like it was added fluff.

At £4,99 on I cannot grumble about the price in the slightest. Here we get 100 levels which you will complete in about 3-4 hours. If you want to 100% the game then you’re looking at many more deaths and about 6-7 hours depending on your skill level. Then we have all the modes and the ability to play with friends! This is one thats worth your hard earned cash no question. I could not tear myself away and it certainly lives up to its name of Super One More Jump. I would have changed it to Super One More Go!


Simplistic addictive gameplay

Mechanics feel just right

Fun with plenty modes to enjoy


Soundtrack gets repetitive

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