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Star Ghost Nintendo Switch Review-Commander it’s down to you!

Star Ghost Nintendo Switch Review

Developer: Squarehead Studios

Publisher: Rainy Frog


Release Date: Out now

Price as of Article: $8.99  8.99 Euro £7.99

I don’t care what anyone says but the sound of the Metagon empire sounds ominous and terrifying. As the commander, you have a huge job on your hands because the Metagon war fleet has been detected on the outer perimeter. So this nice sounding lady tells us! The story here is straight to the point and in a game like this, it’s great that it’s here and it’s just what it needs.

I have to admit sometimes I am wrong and when I received this game I was not giving it much of chance. I had played so many games lately and reviewed so many that I thought what can this bring to the table which is going to impress me and to impress you guys. Well, it has a banging tune for starters and it’s so catchy I was humming it in my head much to the annoyance of everyone in the house. David wise the composer has my vote for creating a memorable tune!

On top of that, the sound effects here are great for this little indie game. Explosions sound pretty grandeur and blasting your blaster sounds as it should. I love all the little comments made by this nice sounding lady who is very helpful by the way. She is all I need, tells me if I have landed well, if my shields are damaged or when my multiplier has been downgraded. When I take down this Metagon empire I will make sure she gets a medal for a job very well done. I could not do it without her!

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What can you say about the visuals, this game is kept simple and nothing is overly complicated. You want a nice shot of nostalgia, the side-scrolling shooters of old with a bit of neon thrown in for good measure well it’s all here. This is so solid and again  I was surprised by how much I liked the visuals.

They pop and remind me of a game called geometry wars which was another game I could not put down for a very long time indeed. The visuals don’t change too much throughout the 12 systems but they don’t really need to because the enemies are nice and diverse to keep things interesting. You always have a new array of visuals in terms of the enemies to keep you happy and that’s what I enjoyed about it. The colours really stand out and I really enjoyed the use of the colour pallette

Sometimes you come across a game which is so simple it beggars belief how it can take hold of you. When the mixture is right you can make a really nice sponge cake but get a little part of it wrong and you can be left with a cake where the sponge is heavy instead of light fluffy and delicious and this is what a game is like and is why we like to break them down the way we do. Like a good mixture when all the elements are right then your in for a good time or a delicious cake depending on how you look at it!

The music and sound here is great, the visuals are fine but will the simple gameplay match? , ell I think this is one of those games that are great to play in short bursts but those short busts scream out for you to play again and again. You see you only really utilise one button here to press and control your ship. It’s like flappy birds, you tap the button multiple times to keep your ship air born and let it drop when you need to avoid enemies or obstacles.

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The ship automatically fires its weapons and you must use your skill to kill as many enemies as possible to keep your multiplier going and to also get power up drops which will help increase firepower speed, shield and the spread of your bullets. Each level is short and sweet and procedurally generated so no run is exactly the same. You will encounter some bosses along the way to completing the 12 systems. However, that will take you a while because its challenging and also once you die you start again.

There are no checkpoints and you only get the one life although you will be able to survive a few hits before perishing. So the game may not be for everyone in that regard.

For me, though I am a sucker for old-school type shooters with nice visuals and music with tight simple controls. You have to keep on top of your power-ups as they do degrade if you don’t continue to keep them topped up. These drops when you kill enemies so don’t worry as there are plenty. There are some frustrating viruses you can pick up along the way which will disable your weapons. Annoying to say the least but the game toes the line between frustration and that one more go feeling really well.

The aim of the game is simple, to get as far as you can and get the best score possible. At the end of each run, you will be graded out of enemies killed, pickups and shield you have left and will be awarded stars out of 3 and points for each. You will post your score on a leaderboard and much like the arcade games of old you can give your switch to a friend to see if they can post a better score.  You can’t have your friend leaving a great score on your own machine now, can you! there is no multiplayer here or online leaderboards which I do wish was included but you can’t have it all with a game this cheap.

The game is priced fairly considering all the competition on the Nintendo Eshop right now. £7.99 or $8.99 for a game like this I think represents decent value which you will not be disappointed with.

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