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Sigi a Fart for Melusina Nintendo Switch Review

Sigi: A Fart for Melusina Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: Sometimes You

Publisher: Sometimes You

Release Date: September 7th 2018

Price as of Article: $4.99 USD, £4.49 GBP

Game code provided by Sometimes You for review purposes

The story in Sigi is a rather simple one! A knight sets out to find a singing mermaid called Melusina, after she was scared away by Sigi farting… Yes, you really can’t make this stuff up!

The gameplay is pretty simple. You can jump with the B button, fire projectiles with Y, and move with the left analog stick. Pretty standard controls on offer here. Sigi definitely is not famous for his awesome special moves, the only thing Sigi is known for is his flatulence.

You travel through 20 levels in a linear fashion with no deviation. There are 4 bosses scattered through the 20 levels. There are also secrets to find in each level. Few collectables to gather are mostly either food to restore health, extra lives, weapon pick-ups and letters.

I had my fingers crossed for a few more islands and levels but sadly that is not the case here. This is your sub standard platformer – jump, attack and make it from point A to point B without dying. I mean there’s nothing really to spice up the gameplay apart from your typical platform tropes like bouncing trees, moving plaftforms, and odd cannons dotted around to shoot you over chasms.

Consider all the great platformers we have on the system at the moment, and this just doesn’t cut the mustard! I would have loved to see some extra bells and whistles on this little title. However, I don’t want to be too critical, as the game only costs £4.09 at the time of writing. We can all agree that this isn’t much.

I completed my first run of all 20 levels in 33 minutes which is pretty quick to be honest. But I only achieved a 37% completion rating so there is time to improve ones score if you so wish to. However there is some replay value here.

There is a bonus quest that’s mentioned in the options help menu, stating there are 3 artefacts to find throughout your adventure. Collecting these will help with your final score, these can be hidden or in plain sight, so look high and low for them. There are also letters to collect that spell out S.I.G.I. To complete a level 100%, you have to collect them all.

Sigi Image 2

It feels like this game is targeted towards speed runners. The game does have some positives, it’s not all bad! It is satisfying to destroy enemies as they will explode into a million pieces with one of the weapons you get to pick up. Also, the flow of the game as you speed through it was fairly enjoyable.

Obviously the developers are aware of the short nature of the title, so the little bonus mission is appreciated but I do not think it’s enough to warrant multiple playthroughs. Boss battles are pretty forgettable, as they repeat the same attack patterns and don’t change up their routine. The only boss that stood out to me was the final boss who looked like a very well known wrestler.

The weapons on offer are a mixed bag. The lance is pretty useful thankfully, since this is the main default weapon and it reminds me of Ghosts & Goblins from the SNES era.

Other weapons like knives are great for hitting multiple enemies at once, but there’s one weapon that is ridiculous… wait for it…. it is a chicken leg! It is utter rubbish as it’s trajectory archs over enemies. It makes me wonder if it was just thrown into the game for laughs.

My biggest complaint is what’s with all the fart jokes? They are just not funny and I wish they were not in the game at all.

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The audio is a set of your typical retro chip tunes and they’re not bad to listen to. But with the game ending so quickly, I can not even remember anything about them. Although, the sound effects were all good. Especially hitting your enemy with weapons and explosions.

Visuals aren’t bad, bright bold colours everywhere. The main character as well as the enemies all look all nicely animated. Backgrounds aren’t bad either but don’t change much over the course of the game. Performance wise, everything ran smoothly. My only concern was at the beginning when the game started. There was zero music playing on the main menu which I thought was pretty odd.

Sigi Image 1

Currently, the title costs £4.09 on the eShop with a 10% discount at the time of writing. Its original price is £4.49. Not bad for a speed runner game. But also nothing that is going to hold your attention for a longer period of time.


Speed run-esque game

Decent platforming


Really short

Too easy

Cheaper elsewhere

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