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Otto Nintendo Switch Review

Otto review by SwitchWatch


Game purchased by Leigh Wynne

Release Date: Out Now

Price as of Article: $4.99 USD, £4.49 GBP

The story is about a very lazy and hungry hamster that needs to be pulled back and forth and up and down to collect all his seeds as he’s far too lazy and cute get them himself.

He must travel through 90 stages across 3 worlds/hamster cages – Sweet Home, Egypt and Japan. Dodging all manner of obstacles including mines, hairdryers, blocks, paper planes and confront a boss at end of each world. If you touch the outside of the area though it’s an instant game over. There are 3 seeds that you need to collect in each level and there are 30 levels per world. I breezed through the first 30 levels pretty quickly however the next two worlds are a lot more difficult.

The game is a very mobile like and yes you can make the argument that the Switch is a mobile device. However, what we mean is that these games are cheaper and have a budget which reflects that. This game is no different from all the other puzzle games that have appeared on mobile devices in terms of its structure. Complete each level collecting all the seeds and moving on to next one. At the end of each level, you get a tally of your score and how many seeds you collected as well as how quickly you completed the level. Other games will use stars and here it’s seeds.

It doesn’t seem to matter if you collect all the seeds or not as long as you get one the game will continue regardless. Collecting three seeds on all levels is so you can boast that you’re the king of puzzle games to your friends. Latter areas become frustrating when you’ve got a small amount of time to move precisely and you’ve got a respawning enemy appearing in your path every 5 seconds. I have to say I didn’t find it as enjoyable when the difficulty spike ramped up as soon as I left world one.

Not to mention some enemies have a homing ability making it even more difficult. A Single touch anywhere on your character or platform will end in a game over and you’ll have to restart the level again. The game also has no leaderboards for local scores or online. Meaning there’s very little to come back too unless you really want to collect all the seeds for some reason.


This is the one area I was pleasantly surprised with and is probably the selling point of this game. The game use’s either touchscreen controls in handheld mode or motion controls with the TV or in tabletop mode. No other options are available. The only buttons you use are the L, R triggers. The game also uses HD rumble which gives you little jolt while playing which is nice as it helps with immersion.

The controls are simple – face your joy-cons like your holding a pulley system and lift them up and down to move the pulleys about. By pulling your hands down and pressing both triggers buttons makes the pulley move up and by lifting your left hand up and your right hand down plus again pressing the trigger buttons makes the pulley go to the right and vice verse.

Thankfully there is a tutorial at the beginning to get you started. It really shocked me because some games that come to the switch just tend to be ported over with no extra features but you’ve got to give credit to 34BigThings developers for going that extra mile. Adding motion controls that work surprisingly well. The added HD rumble support is the icing on the cake. It’s actually my favourite thing in the whole game.

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The music here nothing to get excited about and thankfully there is a mute button if you tire of hearing it. The Little chewing noises and giggles from the hamster are cute though.

Visually the game is your standard mobile affair and reminds me a bit of the game Cut the Rope on mobile. The Hampster is nicely animated and the visuals do the job well. Performance is fine other than the one crash I encountered.

With 90 levels across 3 worlds, it will last you little while.  I cant see myself replaying the game after completion. Like most puzzle games after you have been through them its over. However, this does have rather amusing motion controls which I would probably show a friend or family member which would result in a few laughs. But more than likely after completing everything you will move on. Some may want to speed run but without leaderboards, it’s pretty pointless.


90 levels to get through

Motion controls are great and sets it apart


No leaderboards either locally or online

Becomes frustrating after world one

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