FMV was a big, revolutionary thing in the early years of gaming. With the recent release of The Bunker, Juan had an impression of how well it adapted to modern gaming expectations. Horror seems to be the most suitable genre for such kinds of games. With Closed Nightmare, another FMV will hit Japan on July, 19th.

The main protagonist in Closed Nightmare is a woman named Maria Kamishiro. She is forced to take part in an experiment during an episode of memory loss and the paralysation of her left arm. Lured by a woman named Chizuru, she came to be a participant in this mysterious event. Based on this movie teaser for the game, nothing good is going to happen for poor Maria:

Further information also had been stated that the game has four sections: “live-action movies”, “text” and “exploration” as well as “challenges”. On Denki Online, the first image of the game was provided, and it was also revealed that this game will be released on PS4 as well as Nintendo Switch:


Closed Nightmare Image 2


Unfortunately, no release for the West had been stated yet; although, with all the love the horror genre is getting from Switch fans, a release outside of Japan can be highly possible. What are your first impressions of Closed Nightmare? Would you pick it up? Let us hear your opinion!