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Nintendo Presently Has Cheapest Video Game Stock In The World
Cheapest Video Game Stock
Looking for the cheapest video game stock around?  Nintendo might be a good option at present.

Nintendo’s Stock Prices Are Looking Good Now

For you investors out there, now might be a good time to buy up some shares of Nintendo stock.  According to the Jefferies analyst Atul Goyal, Nintendo currently has the cheapest video game stock in the world.  Currently resting at ¥46,170 ($428/€352) per share, Goyal predicts that within 12 months Nintendo’s stock prices will increase exponentially to ¥79,900 ($732/€603).  He believes this will be as a result of the Switch’s steady success increasing their operating profits (OP).  Additional console sales from the highly anticipated Pokemon game coming to the console sometime 2018 or beyond are a factor.

Some Insights From Mr. Goyal

“We believe OP could more than triple in 2 years, driven by cyclical (Switch) and structural (digital adoption for console games; mobile game revenues) factors,” he wrote. 


Additionally, a new Pokemon game is among Nintendo’s major upcoming releases. The game is set to debut in 2018 or later. “If this happens, then final Switch shipment for FY3/19e could well exceed co-guidance of 20m (we are at 18.5m as of now),” Goyal noted.

He added the company sold 15.1 million Switch during this past quarter, which adds up to a record 18 million consoles in the first 13 months. 



Are you already an investor, and do you have any interest in investing in Nintendo before their market prices skyrocket?  Even if you aren’t already, do you think you may want to dip your toe into the investment pool with Nintendo?  Or do you feel like it is simply too risky of an investment given Nintendo’s history of fluctuations between console generations?  Investing can always be a risky prospect but can yield great rewards.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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