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N++ Ultimate Edition Nintendo Switch Review

N++ Ultimate Edition Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: Metanet Software Inc.


Publisher: Metanet Software Inc.

Release Date: Out


Price as of Article: $14.99 USD, £13.49 GBP

Rating: E


File size: 526.39 MB

Your average platformer tends to have just a couple of stages. Honestly, that is absolutely okay! I prefer quality over quantity. But with N++ Ultimate Edition, you actually can have both on your plate. Metanet Software had some slight issues with that port for the Nintendo Switch, but this is history. Thankfully, because of its variety and cleverly designed levels, this game is something you truly want to have on the go. Are you eager to know what happened after I started N++ Ultimate Edition? Especially after I tell you that, did you know I did not play any pre-released titles before? Then have fun with my review for N++ Ultimate Edition!


Normally, platformer games have not that rich content and surely are no competition for a heavy RPG. I think it will not surprise you that this title will be no exception. That is why I will not rate this point in my review after all. You can access a little story section via the menu, though. So you have at least some idea who you are (a ninja), why you have these episodes which are 1.5 minutes in total (because your package of great Ninja abilities comes with a hook) and what the way of ‘N’ is (a highly advanced system of training).

N++ Image 7
The story of N++ in a nutshell.

Oh boy, where to start?! N++ Ultimate Edition slaps a lot of content onto the table, so it is highly likely that you will get dizzy (but in a good way. I promise!). The general concept of the game is for you to survive the five episodes in 90 seconds. To achieve that goal, you will jump, slide and avoid traps along the stages. Sounds easy? Well, it certainly is not, but just because the developer wanted it to be. And not thanks to any bad game design. Let’s cut everything down into digestible pieces!


All by myself: Solo Mode

The N++ Ultimate Edition Solo Episodes include the Intro, N++, Ultimate and Legacy levels. You got a system behind every little episode. Starting with the Intro, you have rows A to E, named as A-00, A-01 and so on up to A-04. Every option gives you five different stages. That is it. Simple, right? Those are the basics for every “level package”. As stated before, you try to reach the five different goals at the end of a stage in a certain amount of time. You can expand the lifespan of it while collecting gold that is scattered around the map.

The Hardcore option is pretty self-explanatory. The episodes you play on your path to be a Ninja became harder as the time does not stop and will not get reset after you had died. Gold only will get added at the end of a level. Don’t got enough cash and the clock stopped ticking? No worries, you will not explode in a thousand pieces… Just the next time you run into a mine, fall too high from a platform or any things that kill your poor little stick figure… Then, that is it. No other chances as you just have to restart the whole episode again.

N++ Image 2

With a little help from my friend: Coop Mode

In local multiplayer mode, you can team up with three other players. The Solo Mode can also be played with two people including levels that were just designed for team play. Speaking of team play, this is the key to success since the stages were ramped up a notch.

The option “Race” offers you just that: a race against up to four players in total. With a very fast pace, this can really end up in a chaotic and hectic multiplayer fun. It is a pity that online multiplayer is not available for it (yet?) because this would have been something really interesting besides the leaderboard to compete against other fans around the world.

N++ Image 3
Avoid your shadow at all costs…!

DIY Ninja level

In N++ Ultimate Edition, you can create your own levels. With smooth and also very user-friendly controls, making your own creations is comfortable and easy. Saving your designs and jump into another one before handing the controller over to your friends sure will be fun to watch after you had a blast creating it. The given options are rich and satisfying for every game designer in their baby shoes up to level design veterans.

The downside is the lack of online access here as well. Limited to not being able to share it with the world is something that stopped me from designing anything more myself pretty fast after my first level.


You are up for even more!?

No problem. After completing all levels and also built your own N++ game, you can try collecting all the gold pieces in each stage. Already did that? Then try to climb up to the top with your Ninja skills! Whatcha saying, you did that as well? Phew, then you really have maxed out the capacity that N++ Ultimate Edition had to offer. Congratulations!

*This review was written by Jennifer for

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With 62 audio tracks, the soundtrack for N++ Ultimate Edition does not have anything to hide. Every song is fitting to the game and the few sound effects present add the last finishing touch to the game. MY favourite tracks and suggestions are Ghost Coil, Ja, Coco Myalore and We Rise. If you absolutely do not like any of the provided music pieces, you can mute it as well, so it will not come up in your playlist when switching a title anymore.

The visuals of N++ Ultimate Edition are very basic but effective. Metanet Software knows how to present their game without complicated and sparkly graphics. Every time you encounter a new stage, the level design is crisp and clear immediately taking you by the hand and telling you where to go. This is also without a ton of things that could distract you. Probably because of your hard Ninja training?


To be honest, as a fan of the minimalistic design, I loved it from start to finish. It is understandable that many people do not really fancy its style. In N++ Ultimate Edition, you do not need too much of an impressive architecture or environment to make an impact like your little Ninja does when he hits an obstacle and dies in a spectacular way. The game wants you to focus on what lies ahead – and this focus is something you really need.

You start with a few colour schemes and can work your way up to 12 in total. Depending on the players choice, the presentation can change entirely. A tiny warning though; sometimes changing from one colour scheme to another can cause confusion as a mine could suddenly be tinted in the same colour which a bit of gold had been in your previous scheme.


As for the performance, the game runs smoothly and the short loading times sure make you more confident in trying things that might lead to the death of the little Ninja. Sadly, the server was not online, so you could not enjoy the full capacity of N++ Ultimate Edition. But that is just something that is around the corner.

Looking at that price tag and considering that this game already exists on other rival platforms, the question of its value definitely is justified. I know, probably an old take for you is me pointing out that the port for the Switch is something you can play on the go. But (of course, there is that tiny word) this title is absolutely perfect on the go. Personally, I tried to challenge myself on a train trip over the weekend, and the hand-crafted levels from Metanet Software are absolutely something that zones out every annoying situation we all might have encountered on a train before.



The price for the Nintendo Switch version is identical to when the game was born in 2015, but with this amount of content you cannot really put a price on the time. You get a lot for your hard earned cash. Get to the eShop and download it if you have not gotten the game on other consoles already!

*A review copy of N++ Ultimate Edition was provided to Switchwatch by Metanet Software Inc.



High replay value

VERY addictive



Great challenge, never frustrating


Mind blowing content (4,340 levels in total)


Servers are not online yet, so creator mode has not realized its full potential


Missing online coop mode

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