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KADOBAT WARS Nintendo Switch Review

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Kadobat Wars Switch Review by SwitchWatch


Release Date: March 20th 2018

Price as of Article: $3,89 USD

Game bought with own cash

The story is so badly translated that its difficult to understand what’s it all about. Thankfully in a game like this story isn’t all that important.

The main concept is all about card batting aliens. Each team has 3 fighters – two passive ones at the back and one active one at the front. You swap between them with L, R triggers. Each character comes with a stack of cards that will be played during the current round. Once the battle begins each team has five cards drawn and each card has either party member’s face on it or an item. Each card has a time bar and a number on the top of the card showing you how many points are needed to use it.

Once the big bar fills up above your deck you can use said points you’ve gathered to activate one of your unique cards to attack the other team. Remembering that whatever card you use needs to match with whatever character is on the attack. So switching between fighters is important. Also the more you use one type of card its damage will increase with each successful hit and shows an animation which changes to show you its increasing power. Item cards can be used by any character and have no effect on damage output. Also if you use a card that is not the same as your front character it decreases its damage and effects specials attacks. So its all about switching, waiting and attacking at right time.  Of course, the opposite team will be doing the same thing.

As for items, you’ll get defensive items that will shield you from a single hit or speed up your replenish points and reshuffle your deck.  The strategy is about maintaining your party and waiting for the right time to attack ether spending points as soon as they become available or saving up and using more powerful cards that use up all of your points.

As cards increase in power so does cost so its all about maintaining a balance. There’s the main story mode with 50 stages spread throughout a number of different planets some having branching paths if you find a certain level too difficult. There’s a Free Play Battle Mode for a vs match between the CPU or a friend so you can play the game locally. There’s also a number of weird characters to unlock, upgrade in story mode which will unlock in free play.

The Story mode ramps up in difficulty quite quickly and by completing certain levels may unlock automatic upgrades for your team and sometimes new characters each with there own decks. The game also supports – screenshots and video capture which is a nice feature. Overall I really like the way this was put together and the gameplay is rather satisfying for such a cheap little game.

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Sound is your typical cheerful collection of random tracks and is actually not too bad. It fit’s in pretty well with this type of game and is something which is ok to listen too. Sound effects mostly consist of explosives, card shuffling and random cries from characters and at the end of each round you get to hear a weird cat alien laughing which is always a nice surprise!

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The graphics aren’t going to win any awards but it’s got quite an anime style to it and all animations especially more powerful ones look quite cool! I especially like the character models, I think they are drawn really well and quite detailed to be fair. Everything runs nice and smooth on the Switch although a game like this should not cause it any issues.

This game is only $3.49 on the US e-shop and I am enjoying it a lot. For the price, I feel it’s well worth your hard earned cash. It’s great value for money and will keep you entertained for a good few hours. There is some replay value with the differing modes and each game is different and will require balance and strategy.


It’s Cheap!

Visually ok and runs well

Solid Soundtrack


Story does not translate well

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