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Juicy Realm is Heading to the Switch this Summer

Juicy Realm is Heading to the Switch this Summer

Juicy Realm is set for a release on the Nintendo Switch, X.D. Network has announced. The company has previously announced ICEY and Muse Dash for the Switch too. Juicy Realm is slated to be released in the summertime this year, not too far off the Steam release. See below for a gameplay video and more details.

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In the world of Juicy Realm, the line between animals and plants is blurred to the extreme.  Plants have gained sentience—and limbs—and are now fighting humanity to top the food chain. It’s up to you to lead a team into the mysterious plant kingdom, defeating the foul fruit once and for all!

The top-down, roguelike game features myriad fun, unique elements for players to unearth, including randomly-generated maps in locations like the forest, the desert, and the deep sea; different weapons to master, like the wrench or the shotgun; an endless supply of treasure to collect and monsters to defeat; a big boss that can appear at random; and a host of Easter eggs to discover. Juicy Realm can be played in a solo campaign, or players can team up with friends in a cooperative local multiplayer mode.

In this top-down dual-stick shooter, the player must cut down cute pears or obliterate big-eyed watermelon. These frightening fruits are actually vicious and doing everything they can to take you down. Players must move quickly and agilely in order to successfully defeat their foes.

What do you think of Juicy Realm? Does it look good enough to pick up this summer? Let us know!

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