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How To Get A Laugh With Murder On Switch: The Adventures Of Betram Fiddle

According to the Japanese eShop, the Victorian point and click adventure game Adventures of Bertram Fiddle is getting a release for Japan on Nintendo Switch. Included is an English language option, so it is likely to get a release in the West as well.

This game with the strange title features even stranger looking characters. According to the website, you take on a journey down to Victorian London to follow the hints that serial killer Geoff the Murderer has left you. You play as Bertram Fiddle, a man with a strange nose and just one goal; To find the killer before he finds his next victim!


But how sure is it that this game will strike Nintendo’s eShop for the West? Hopefully very likely, because the community on Steam loves this game. The game will launch in Japan on March 29th, 2018.

Watch the trailer for episode one to let Bertram Fiddle introduce himself to you:

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What do you think about this game? Did you already play it and how likely do you think a Nintendo Switch release will be possible? Let us hear down below!



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