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Hexologic Nintendo Switch Review

Hexologic Nintendo Switch Review by SwitchWatch written by Leigh Wynne

Developer: Mythic Owl

Publisher: Mythic Owl

Release Date: Out Now

Price as of Article: $2,99 – £2,49

There isn’t one as soon as the game loads up your introduced to the title and then plunged straight into the tutorial and rest of the game. The game will not be scored on this.

While looking complex from the outside. This logic based gameplay is very compelling. You have 3 hexes at the top right and each has a number in it from 1 to 3. They correspond to buttons on the Joycon which is Y, X, A. So when you’re working out the main puzzle which is in centre of the screen you need press either one of the three buttons to use one of the three numbers in the puzzle. Each puzzle is made up of spaces and you have to input the numbers so they add up to the number on edge of hex.

Movement is all controlled with the left analogue stick. The main concept is simple, You have to combine the dots inside the hexes in three possible directions so that their total sum matches the number on each of the hexes edges. It all starts off fairly easy but as you delve deeper into the game it’s complexity increases with each puzzle solved. Check my small footage so it makes sense below which was taken directly from the video capture on Switch and shared on Twitter.

After completing a set number of levels one of the animated totems will open up giving you access to more challenging levels. Complete these to unlock the next totem and so on.

One issue I had is on a certain challenging level you get access to an extra menu with more hexes and dots. However, there’s no explanation on how to use them correctly. It’s shame this wasn’t explained in the tutorial at the beginning.  After completing a set number of levels, the background changes and so do the puzzle’s which introduces new mechanic’s changing how you approach each puzzle. You can also favourite your puzzles that you’ve enjoyed playing in the level select screen with the Y button. Hexologic also uses the screenshot function as well as video capture which can be handy for sharing.

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Talk about relaxing! every track is so atmospheric and mellow. You’re greeted by soft notes, wind chimes and wood instruments. Making the audio enjoyable to chill out to while playing. Especially if you’ve had a tough day at work!

The only visuals you are going to see is on the menu screen. As you scroll to each level you are treated to a colourful underwater scene and the next minute your climbing through a lush jungle. Its strikingly beautiful giving off a very relaxed and chilled out vide.

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While playing you can sort of see the background but its faded so it’s not distracting the main event. As for the main game the only thing you will be looking at is hexes and dots, numbers so there’s no need for anything special. It’s all clear and easy to see which is important especially in a puzzle game like this one. As for performance, everything run’s fine. This isn’t a game that’s going to push your system to its breaking point that’s for sure.

Is this worth your hard earn cash? Yes, definitely it’s a mere $2.99 which is about £2.23 in Europe. IOS version has some great reviews and I can see why. It certainly feels at home on the Switch too.


Its Sudoku with hexagon’s.

4 worlds, 60 levels is great value

Extra challenging levels to unlock


The tutorial could have been better as certain features were not mentioned

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