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Game To Go, Please! Firewatch Crosses Paths On Nintendo Switch

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While playing video games, one certain point can easily be forgotten: exercise. The hero in your new game walks, jumps, runs. And you are sitting on your couch, just moving your fingers. It is the same in Firewatch. But, you can at least pretend you went on a hike in the nature of Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming. This adventure mystery game will hit the Switch in 2018 as announced on Twitter after Firewatch had been successful on other consoles in the past.

This port of this indie game hit came unexpected, as Campo Santo must have worked on this in secret. In this title, you play as Henry, a fire lookout. On your first day, you always hold contact with another lookout named Delilah on a walkie-talkie. An illegal fire was started and as the player goes out to investigate, the story starts to unravel as one mysterious turn of event follows another… So be prepared for no easy walk with this game!

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Will you take this game for a walk or do you prefer to solve mysteries in your own office (aka home)? Let us know down there in the comment section after you watch the trailer for Firewatch:


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