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EGX Rezzed London 2018 Roundup

EGX Rezzed – London’s biggest consumer gaming convention arrived this weekend. With over 150 playable games on show and some early footage of future titles there was plenty of Nintendo Switch content to soak up. Below are some of the games we got to play:

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Spectrum Retreat

Spectrum Retreat Nintendo Switch


The Spectrum Retreat’s developer Dan Smith has already won a BAFTA for this game. An interesting concept that combines a narrative driven mystery with first person puzzle play. We got our hands on a few puzzles and were intrigued with the game which artistically reminded us of Subsurface Circular. This one will be released in the summer by Ripstone.

Claws of Furry

claws of furry nintendo switch


Claws of Furry is a rogue-like co-op action game coming to the Switch later on this year. It has some hilarious character design and the control system seemed decent, we didn’t get to play this one for too long so we will want to get our hands on it for longer and get our claws into it!

Dead Cells

Dead Cells Nintendo Switch


Out of the games featured Dead Cells was one of those I was looking forward to the most. With its Castlevania inspiration and Dark Souls like combat and permadeath its a tantalising combo that sounds perfect for the Switch. We managed to get  time playing it on the Nintendo Switch and were not left dissapointed. Motion Twin are aiming to bring this one out soon and we can’t wait.


pode nintendo switch review


Pode is a charming game in which you play as a Little Rock helping a fallen star find its way home. We got to play it on the Nintendo Switch in its main co-op campaign. It seems an interesting concept and was fun to play and figure out the little puzzles, they progressively get more mischievous and I think this could be a great game to play as a family. Its out this May.

Hyper Sentinel

Hyper Sentinel Nintendo Switch


Hyper Sentinel caught the teams eye in its build up to launch on May 11th so we were excited to get our hands on in.

We played what ran like a final build on the Switch in handheld mode and it didn’t disappoint. It has its roots firmly grounded in the shoot ’em ups of the 80s but includes wonderful 4K graphics and subtle touches not possible back in those days. Everything we had hoped is here from multiple game modes to online leaderboards and even retro graphics modes were you can select from a wide range including spectrum graphics. Without long to wait we are looking forward to reviewing this one.


Raji: An Ancient Epic

raji nintendo switch

We included Raji: An ancient Epic back on Trailer Tuesdays and thought it looked great! At EGX Rezzed we managed to get our hands on a PC build that looked gorgeous. The ancient Indian setting looks great and the gameplay we got to experience played really well. Whilst we don’t know when the games is coming out other than the developers hope to bring in out in 2020 they did confirm it is coming to the Nintendo Switch.



Sinner: Sacrifice For Redemption

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption

Sinner: Sacrifice For Redemption is the first game under development by Darkstar, a team with  based in Hong Kong made up of ex-Ubisoft, Konami and Blizzard developers. The game looks very intriguing and we got our hands on the Switch version. This is a boss battler similar to furi.You take on boss battles one at a time in a gorgeous Dark Souls-esque setting, from what we played the battles seemed tough and the progression is flipped on its head. You have to make a sacrifice before each boss battle so as you progress you are becoming weaker and the battles therefore harder. An interesting flip on the progression mechanic. This one is being published by Another Indie later on this year.


Big Crown Showdown

Big Crown Showdown Nintendo Switch

Big Crown Showdown got its first public outing this weekend at EGX Rezzed with a very solid playable version on display. Developed by Hyper Luminal Games it is a mega brawler in which four players locally or online battle it out to knock each other off of crazy medieval courses. Its a unique take on party games and looks set to be a blast when released in Summer this year by publisher Sold Out Games.



deru nintendo switch We were not actively looking to play DERU, it didnt feature in our plan for the day and yet we sat down and gave the Switch version a go to our delight. This puzzle game looks gorgeuous and the simple concept took some brain cells to fix. The concept is a simple one –  black and white lines criss cross across the screen and each player is white or black. You can block the lines stream of the opposite colour and touching your own colours beam will kill you. You need to work together in order to cross the screen and complete each level. Its expected around summer time this year.

Lumines Remastered

lumines remastered nintendo switch Lumines by legendary creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi is back, remastered on the Nintendo Switch! We got to play hands on in multiplayer battle modes and were delighted to see the improved HD graphics and hear the original tracks which many will remember fondly. Its fitting that the come comes to the Switch, the original was released on the PSP and that version is probably the best. I really enjoyed playing that one with headphones in on the move and look forward to the same here. Its out very soon.

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