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Drawful 2 Nintendo Switch Review
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Drawful 2 Nintendo Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: Jackbox Games

Publisher: Jackbox Games

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Release Date: Out Now

Price as of Article: $9.99 USD, £7.99 GBP

Game code provided by publisher for review

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Drawful 2 challenges it’s players to draw weird and sometimes bizarre pictures on their smartphones or tablets and share them with a group of friends for laughs. The first game was part of the party game known as JACKBOX, which is well known as a go-to party title on the Switch. However, Drawful 2 appears as a stand alone game this time around. Featuring local play with a minimum of 3 players required, custom mode – create your own game modes, two colours, and the ability to connect smart devices to your Switch console, so you can use them as either keyboard or drawing app, which can then be displayed on your TV screen. These are in fact necessary to play.

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Before starting you need to have a smartphone or tablet ready as the game connects to Jackbox services online. It is relatively simple to set up and the instructions are very clear. All the players must use their smart devices to access JACKBOX TV which is an app that works with the Switch helping you enter one of the unique rooms with a code that appears on the TV. Once all players are logged in to the Jackbox service, all they need to do is enter the code and everyone who is connected can play the game.

A total of 8 players can battle it out in tongue in cheek Pictionary battles of sorts, which is all controlled by the use of smart devices. Each player gets to draw an avatar with two colours and no erasers! If you’re playing with your family members expect cute, funny drawings, however, playing with friends can turn something harmless into something shameful which can be extremely funny.  You can be as rude or crude as you want, however, whoever started the match becomes VIP, so they can put censors over certain individuals who may be drawing more mature content.

Once all players are ready the game begins. Each player receives a title which they have to draw a picture to go with the said title. After which, one of the drawings will appear on the TV screen and you will be asked to write a tagline for the current picture. After that’s done all tag-lines will appear. It’s then your job as players to guess which is the correct one that goes with the current picture beginning to display on the TV. Remember, this is all being drawn and/or written on your smart devices The TV is just for display purposes but is very important as it will show the pictures other people have drawn.

Obviously, everyone will come up with some rather amusing tag lines and drawings to boot. You have a time limit so you have to pick one of them as quickly as possible while a rather strange cat arm timer crawls across the bottom of the screen in hilarious JACKBOX fashion. Once all votes are in the round is complete and each player receives some points for their choices. But only the right one will get maximum points payout and bragging rights, of course.

There’s also a mode where you create your own tag-lines to mix things up a bit.  While hilarious, it does hinge on its players if the audience is there and players are invested in drawing and making up silly and hilarious tag-lines, this definitely could be an all nighter with friends and is certainly a game which creates some fantastic moments.

Without any other Jackbox flavour thrown into the mix, it could all be over far too quickly. Streamers on Twitch get a lot of enjoyment out of this title thanks to their large audiences and you can also use Twitch in the game too. Sadly, I didn’t use this feature as I don’t own a Twitch account.

One of my biggest issues with the title is the lack of online play. I first thought, as I looking through the eShop, that the game had online play. I even had people mention to me that the game had it in it. Only to find out that the internet connection is just for smartphones and/or tablets to connect with the console. Which was a huge disappointment, I felt the description on the eShop could have been better and I think this would be super fun to play online with randoms especially if you can’t always get a small crowd of people together.

You also require 3 players minimum to even get the game going so this is a party game strictly. The description does, however, mention at the very bottom of the eShop page that joy-cons can only be used for navigation on menus. Phones or tablets are required as controls to play. But, again, without checking the small print at the bottom of the page you wouldn’t know anything about it. You can use the screenshot function, but video capture is not available. So just be aware if looking to purchase that you will require smart devices such as a phone or tablet and a WI-FI connection to play this.

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Most of the visuals are determined by how good of an artist the players are and that’s one of the beauties of this game. This is you and your friend’s/family canvas to do with as you please. The game is deliberately kept simple in terms of using a finger to draw and not having a wealth of options as otherwise, people could take all day drawing the worlds best picture.  Everything works well and the drawings do bring out some hilarious things. You really do get to know your family and friends better that’s for sure!

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It’s a mix of cheerful music and quirky sounds effects all pleasing to the ear and overall naturally pleasant experience.

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For £7.99, I just don’t think there’s enough here for any solo gamer with no online to speak of. The package feels a little lacklustre. But for people who have other people around often, this would be a hilarious night with friends or family. You can censor things if things go down the dark route, but I guess that’s all part of Jackbox’s way! Get a couple of friends around who are creative, out of the box thinkers and I’m sure you’ll have a great time. For everyone else though, maybe wait for other Jackbox collections to appear on the eShop.

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Drawing is fun and hilarious

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Create your own tag lines

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Multiplayer with up to 8 people is great

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No online

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This is strictly a party game only, not for solo

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Factor in smartphone devices or tablets which are needed for each player to play.

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