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Conga Master Party Switch Review

Developer: Undercoders

Publisher: Rising Star Games

Release Date: 28th September

Price as of Article: $9.95 USD, £7,99 GBP

You head out on a quest to light up the dance floor and become the conga champ! There is no story here, you are out to shake and move and the single player campaign has you on this quest but sadly they didn’t fill out a story here which is a bit of a missed opportunity.


The game is all about the conga so it is good to see a variety of songs, each is catchy and fun and they have put a nice soundtrack together for this one.

Visually the game is bright with a bunch of colour whilst you shake on down! The different conga goers are unique with 40 different characters and each of the 9 stages is visually pleasing. The style is pixelated as so many indie games are at the moment, it does feel right for this quirky and simple game. The small details are nice such as the icons above conga players heads and the waiters and other npc graphics.

Conga Master Party Review
Momentum is key to single player conga success!

The developers have effectively taken Snake – yes the old mobile phone classic, given it steroids, music and some dodgy thrusting hips and voila! You have Conga Master Party.

Considering how simple the premise of the game is Conga Master Party strikes you as unique straight away. You use just two simple buttons – the L and R bumpers to turn left and right to circle party goers and woo them with your dancing into joining your conga line, as the line gets longer your long tail woos other and that is effectively the game.

Conga Master Party Nintendo Switch
If only real life was as simple as this! Keep dancing near someone to convince them that they simply must join in the fun.

The game takes this simple premise and adds layers to ratchet up the fun factor, in the single player campaign you have a momentum bar which goes down, when it reaches zero its game over. You top the bar up, buying more time by adding dancers to your conga line giving you time to achieve your ultimate goal – getting a large enough line to succeed and progress to the next level, even here the line size itself is not what you are trying to achieve – specifically you have to fill up four bars representing different types of dancers. Once you hit this goal the doors open and you move on to the next level.

In between levels you have mad mini game were a UFO comes and abducts your dancers, you have to tap a button to run and escape whilst jumping over pigs – the better you do the more tickets you get which give you a spin to have a chance of unlocking more content such as characters, each character has a set of stats which make the quicker at moving, quicker and converting dancers to your conga line etc.

The single player experience is fun but it wears off very quickly because the mode is the same all the way through and there is no story to pull you in.

Where this games really shines is in multiplayer and the broader modes it has to offer including two exclusive modes for the Nintendo Switch.

The modes are hilariously named as spoofs of classic titles such as Mortal Conga and Command and Conga including the two exclusives in 1 2 conga and Just Conga.

Just Conga is particularly clever as you have to strike a pose when your opponent finds a power up on the floor – the pose is done by moving your Joy Con into a certain position to match the on screen pose of the Joycon in a few seconds, you are frantically moving your hand to turn the Joycon into the right position like a puzzle.

Just Conga
Just Conga

1 2 Switch has you playing rock paper scissors with the winner taking half of the opponents Conga line!

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Another nice touch is the Amiibo support, you can use a wide of Amiibo’s and obtain in game items such as costumes and other swag.

One of the cool power ups in the game is the scissors which let you cut your enemies conga line if you catch up with them.

Multiplayer plays extremely well and is well suited as a party game, each mode is different enough to keep it fun and there is just enough to give you decision points on how best to win – do you hijack your opponents conga line or just go after your own.

In both multiplayer and single player there are obstacles which can ruin your day such as chairs in the way, bouncers who rough you up if you get near, waiters in the way and a cleaner who leaves a trail of slippery water.

With one Joycon pair you can play four players albeit it fiddly, its nice that it was added as an option considering the joycon costs are high.

The price point is reasonable at $9.95 or £7.99, the game does not have the best longevity with the single player campaign being quite repetitive, however the game is very fun and there is a lot of content to be unlocked if you stay interested in putting the hours in.

Multiplayer is where the game shows it best side and I can see this one being pulled out at gatherings or parties quite often.

The additional Switch exclusive content is of a high standard using the technology of the Joycon well as well a lot of additional characters and stages.

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