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#Breakforcist Battle Review

#Breakforcist Battle Nintendo Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: Lucid Sheep Games

Publisher: Lucid Sheep Games

Release Date: April 20th 2018

Price as of Article: $9.99 USD, £6.99 GBP

Game code provided by Lucid Sheep Games for review

#Breakforcist Battle brings back a classic paddle moving, block crushing formula that we have seen reinvented over the ages ever since Breakout by Atari hit arcades back in 1972 – itself inspired by the classic Pong.

The developer Lucid Sheep Games decided to keep things simple with this game coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch, the gameplay at its core keeps true to the genre and there is no story or lore to speak of.

Your task in #Breakfocist Battle is to exorcise breakfast objects that have been possesed by hitting them with a ball before they build up and reach you. Yes its a crazy game that doesnt take itself seriously at all.

#Breakforcist Battle is a simple arcade game, there are no fancy frills so it is critical that the game is fun otherwise there is nothing to get you to play again. The music struck me straight away – I love it! Its extremely quirky and has a range of different genres all featuring the same robotic voice singing about breakfast in keeping with the games title and theme. All of the songs are upbeat and we have all sorts of eletronic music on offer from a Garage style track to a Drum & Bass track and even a Trap song titled, of course – Breakfast Trap.

The music for me really makes this game fun and I am delighted that Pete Ellison worked on the visuals and soundtrack as they uplift the experience for me, each of the 21 tracks in the game is a blast.

breakforcist battle gameplay

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The game features very retro, cutesy Japanese style graphics with sickly colours and cute little sprites. The theme of breakfast is take very literally with everything from waffles to a bacon laser on display. If we compare the visuals to a similar puzzle game on the Nintendo Switch that aims for that addictive itch – Tumblestone it has gone in a very different direction, one which I think would feel right at home in an arcade or of course – on your Nintendo Switch!

Performance wise I experienced no issues or bugs.

Its very easy to dismiss such a simple game and I nearly did this myself. There are only two modes here – Arcade and battle, there are no online leaderboards, no story and no progression that carries over from one game to the next.

After a couple of games I had experienced everything the game had to offer and that was that. Somehow though I wanted to keep playing, the mix of delightfully simple gameplay in which all you do is move your paddle left and right, combined with a steady progression path and a blazing soundtrack with cool graphics is enough.

In both modes you rack up cash as you exorcise breakfast.

I just enjoyed the game as something fun, it is this element that I suspect the developer was really aiming for – the fun that many of us fondly rememeber from our childhood when we loaded up an arcade machine and had a few rounds on our favourite classics.

#breakforcist battle

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Whilst playing alone does evoke this fun feeling the game is at its best when you add a friend to the mix, both the arcade mode where you are cooperating to get as far as you can and the battle mode where you are aiming to outlast your friend are playable.

For me the battle mode in multiplayer is where the game shines, me and my girlfriend ended up playing a bunch of battles and then when a couple of days later I visited Juan – we did the same.

#Breakforcist Battle is $9.99 in the US and £6.99 in the UK. Is it worth your hard earned cash? It has quite a lot going against it in this category – there is no story, no progression or achievements to unlock, there are only two modes and no campaign and the price does put it in competition with some excellent games – think of Stardew Valley for example.

But the comparison doesnt do #Breakforcist Battle justice, at the end of the day this game is a blast to play, it doesnt have any longevity solo but I can see myself dusting it off whenever I have a friend round for a couple of fun filled matches.


Simple, fun gameplay

Excellent soundtrack

Great multiplayer experience


No longevity

lack of online leaderboards

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