Anarcute Switch Review by SwitchWatch

Developer: Anarteam

Publisher: Plug In Digital

Release Date: May 30th 2019

Price as of Article: $14.99, £13.49

Download Size: 218MB

Game code provided by Plug In Digital


An evil corporation has taken over the major cities of the world, brainwashing citizens and the police with their lies by using radio towers to spread their agenda across the air waves without hesitation.

However, there is a small band of extremely cute rioters that have come together to stop the spread of corruption and take action by destroying the forces who fight against them.

It is time to act, come together, and take the revolution to streets! Grab your signs, friends, and fight for freedom against brainwashed Patrols who are dominating the world!


Gameplay in Anarcute reminds me very much of other well-known titles where you control a mass of little cute individuals as you collect and destory enemies – that title being Pikmin.

However, you don’t just control a single character that controls the lives of your troops like in Pikmin. Instead, you control a mass of extremely cute animal protesters which is like having direct control over a swarm of Pikmin, without the hassle of controlling a single main character. Here, you control lives, multiple individuals, which is an interesting concept that works really well here.

This not only fun to control but it’s a really interesting gameplay mechanic that is used pretty well through this riot-like adventure.

In the beginning, you’re able to riot through 4 different cities across the world and within each city there are multiple different levels accumulating in a boss battle at the end.

Your main focus here is to destory each of the BIG radio towers while saving all the locked up animals and destroying all enemy forces, towers, and capturing flags.

Anarcute Screenshot 2

Cute… Extremely Dangerous!

EVIL MASKED VILLAINS are polluting the air waves with there agenda and erecting towers all over the place which is destroying the view!

However, no need to feel powerless when your heroes are a bunch of cute animals! Yes, our heroes here are a bunch of loveable, soft cuddly animals with big eyes and big dreams!

There are a dozen or so animals to unlock through your adventure, ranging from cat, elephant, fox, carp, sea slug, pug, chicken, and so on.

Each animal can be rescued from within a cage located in one on the many levels. Simply destroying these cages can release these little critters and they will immediately join your cause.

If you see any of these little guys standing about, simple run up to them and they will join the party.

Some of these little animals can be unlock by finding them trapped within a city. Some can even be hidden and require you to replay levels to find them. I mean, you wouldn’t want leave one these little guys behind now, would you?

You also unlock new gear for your little rioters too, but the gear can only be unlocked if you acheive an S Ranks in all levels within that city.


Once you unlock the ability, you can use the Dispenser to unlock new abilities that are unlocked during play when you gain enough followers e.g. rioters.

The dispenser holds 3 tiers of special drinks. Each one can be bought with coins you earn from completing levels.

Each of the 3 tiers cost 2, 3, and 4 coins, and each ability can do different types of extra moves, such as increasing your STOMP ability or letting you DASH twice in succession.

You can only select one can from each tier.

Anarcute Screenshot 3

Let’s riot!

Each level has 3 objectives to complete, such as best time, best rank, and all animals rescued. By successfully completing objectives, you earn different grades: D being the lowest and S rank being the highest.

On starting up your level, you’ll get a brief introduction to the level before starting, then you’re off. To move around, you can use the left analogue stick which controls not only a single character but all animals under your control.

Once you start to amass a crowd, you will slowly fill your power/riot bar to your left. As this fills up, new powers will become unlocked, such as the ability to stomp, letting you stun enemies or move massive weights that block your path; to more extreme abilities, like being able to knock over buildings onto unexpecting enemies’ heads.

Other abilities you attach to this bar will also be activated when you have the required number of followers.

You can move the camera around with the right analogue stick which helps in looking around corners more easily.

To attack smaller enemies, you can mash the B button, however, if any of your critters are knocked out, they remain unconscious on the floor and won’t get back up again. It’s heart-breaking seeing your little animals lying motionless on floor… It’s like the first time you witness a crowd of your Pikmin being eaten by an enemy… I just can’t get over the loss!

However, with your added abilities, you can stun a group of enemies with a well-placed stomp attack, then go with a standard attack which is definitely the best option if you value the life of your little critters. There is even a power bar located at the bottom screen which fills up with each successful attack, unlocking two more powerful abilities – mega dash and mega stomp.

As you amass more animals, you’ll find that they will start to sing and hold up signs which is extreme cute to witness. Also, you will find that all your animals can pick up everything that is not nailed down – these projectiles can be then thrown with triggers. ZR trigger can launch standard projectiles while the LZ trigger can launch large projectiles like vehicles that can blow up and destory doors.

You can also DASH with Y button too.

Other abilities are normally introduced to you as you progress and objects you can use are highlighted.

Tutorials that teach you each new mechanic are easy to understand and help you get to grips with the unique riot mechanics.


You’ll find that each level becomes more like a playground of destruction as everything can be picked up and lobbed at your enemies.

The streets will be littered with debris and you really feel as though you’re a tsunami of destruction. When you unlock the ability to knock over buildings, you will feel as though you’re unstoppable!

However, take caution because as you grow stronger, so do your enemies. But if you start losing your followers, you will also lose your powers… and the game is over if all of your critters are knocked unconscious.

Anarcute Screenshot 4

The Flag!

Main goal in each level is normally to find the flag or flags and change them into your colours.

There are secondary objectives, like finding all hidden animals in the level and turning enemy headquarters into your colours as well which helps keep things interesting.

The map is very useful and you should keep an eye on it in case you miss anything important, like extra animals for your group or other objectives. You can use the map with the – button. Flags are normally highlighted in yellow, clusters of white dots are normally animal friends.

Boss Battles!

There are boss battles in each new city that you enter, and unique weapons or mechanic that you learn in that current level are then used in that boss encounter. Each boss is a massive creation bent on your destruction. But with careful planning and quick wits, you can dispatch these monsters with ease.

These are highlighted within each city, but I do prefer running around normal levels destroying everything in sight! These sections were a lot of fun. I also loved the cast of quirky characters you can unlock, and some unique puzzle solving mechanics to access new areas within levels.

I really like Anarcute. It’s a fun, riot-like experience. With a cast of adorable animal rioters. The levels are fun to trash and the objectives to complete are interesting. Unlocking coins to spend on the dispenser to unlock new powers and achieving all of them S ranks will require some serious overtime.

Anarcute Screenshot

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Music is overly cute and upbeat! When you start to gather enough rioters though, an extremely cute song starts to play which is also the main menu theme, which is not only really catchy, but maintains that chaotic smash and grab gameplay that makes Anarcute so much fun to play. I really love the audio here!

Visuals & Performance

Visuals in Anarcute are lovely. Every animal has huge, bright eyes and are extremely adorable. The visuals for the environment are really nice looking as well.

Everything within this world is destructible. Seeing anything that’s not nailed down can be picked up and launched – it is hilarious! Plus, destroying stuff is visually satisfying.

Performance has been great and I’ve not experienced any issues to speak of. Everything ran great!

Game also supports screenshots and video capture.

Switch Icon!

Anarcute’s Switch menu icon is by the numbers and looks great. Red and pink hues with the logo dead centre, surrounded by 3 cute animals – rabbit, cat, and pug!


For £13.49, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck here. Four cities with multiple levels in each, with branching paths, boss battles, destructible environments, puzzles, and lots of cute animal rioters to unlock, gears, and also powers – and the ability to achieve and try to unlock all S ranks in all levels will keep you busy.



Extremely cute animal rioters


Unique team-based gameplay


Destructible environments


Unlockable perks and animals


Great music



No multiplayer