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Physical Releases for Switch – Disaster Week

He’s back! Jordan from SwitchWatchTV is here again with another batch of Physical Releases for the Nintendo Switch. I love the new format with the non-games, as I am a huge collector of figurines. I may not be the biggest physical games collector out there, but I will put up a fight with other figure collectors.

Okay. Enough of that rant. Let’s get into this Physical Releases episode!


Let’s get physical! It’s Jordan here, back again with this week’s update on all the physical releases coming to the Nintendo Switch. We’re in the first full week of April, and we’re looking at the releases from the 6th until the 10th. As always, we’re taking a look at all the retail physical releases, all the low print games up for order, some juicy imports, and our community spotlight where you show off your pick ups.

Physical Releases

This week we’ve got Disaster Report 4 Summer Memories, a very niche game published by NIS America. This game was originally planned for the PlayStation 3 before being cancelled indefinitely due to a real natural disaster back in Japan in 2011. But now under new developers, this is a hopeful revival of the series. An earthquake has hit the city you’re visiting and caused devastation and you just need to get out of the city. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but you’ll definitely want to check out the review that Alex wrote for the channel. It’s a beast of a video, but I’m sure it’s worth a watch to see what this idiosyncratic game is all about. April 7th is the release for this one.


Right, that’s it for western retail. Yep, really. Let’s go to the low print section!

Low Print Games

After last week’s glut of low print games, this week we’re toning it down a bit. Just a little.


Now I feel might be a good time to bring up 1st Press Games (No, not 1Print games. They are different companies.). I’ve talked about them before and their planned releases, but their actual pre-order dates seemed to have snuck up on me. They have a few games up for pre-order.


Firstly, they have ShadowBug, which is an interesting indie game. One that I reviewed for the channel a life time ago. It has heavy use of the pointer controls of the Joy Cons, which means it’s not a smooth of as an experience as it could be, but from what I very vaguely remember about it, it was a decent enough time. While there’s no estimated release date, it does seem they are gearing up the PR for this one, so I assume they’re going into production soon.


Castle of Heart

Another release they have going for pre-order is Castle of Heart, or as one of our reviewers on the website wanted to call it: Castle of Fart. Yes, let’s just say that this one wasn’t exactly well received on our website back in the day. And I also did a gameplay for it on the channel, and it did seem very rough. Although to be fair, since our review, I do believe it did get a pretty hefty update, so hopefully that made it into an actually decent game.

Anyways, both of these releases have a standard edition as well as a collector’s edition. In which ShadowBug gets you get a soundtrack, poster, and big art book, whereas Castle of Fart forgoes the art book and nets you a carry case for your Switch. It’s worth noting that the standard edition also comes with a coin and manual.


Limited Run x Kickstarter

Limited Run have gone another extra step in their business model. They are now partnering with games that are having a Kickstarter. Yes, Sea of Stars, a lovely looking retro-inspired RPG has already been snapped up by the company, offering an early backer exclusive physical version. While there are no consoles specified, you’d put good money on this being available on the Switch. But just be warned, release time is apparently two years away. And who knows, they might (well, almost certainly) do a non-backer physical at some point later, too, although with different art work and less stuff.

I can’t say I’m a fan of this idea of snapping up Kickstarter projects as it could set a new precedent and a whole can of worms when low print companies scramble for as many as they can get like starving dogs. And we all know how Kickstarter projects can turn out. I’ve backed 3 Kickstarters, and only 1 has actually come out to my expectations: Shovel Knight. The other two, Mighty No. 9, well, I still haven’t got the 3DS version I paid for and that other one I can’t remember. It was by Playdek and was a Final Fantasy Tactics-style game. That crashed and burned, and they threw it to another publisher to put out the fire. Anyways, I’m worried. I don’t like where this could be going.



Alright guys, this is where I would normally move on to physical imports, but the sad truth is, there’s not a single one that I can find. Japanese publishers must be scared of Final Fantasy 7.

But don’t worry. I’m still going to find some nice things for you to get your saliva running. Let’s jump into the miscellaneous section. And just remember that all the things you see here (including the community spotlight section), we do have affiliate links if any of them take your fancy, and you want to purchase for yourself and lend SwitchWatch a massive hand at the same time. Every purchase you make supports us very much.


Plus when you use our links, we can give you something back. If you use the coupon code SWITCHWATCHTV when you’re checking out, you can get 5% off all physical items. Yes, guys. We just scrapped into Play Asia’s new requirements, so we have at least 2 more months before they assess our partnership again. Just remember to use our links at the same time, though.

Okay, so while there’s no games from the east this week, I know that all you guys in the comments and over on our discord, it’s been non-stop Animal Crossing. I think everyone is addicted to it now. People going out and trying to buy up the amiibo cards and other things. Well, there’s a pre-order for a reissue of some popular plushies of famous faces in the series. If you need a cute little Isabelle, or if you need that sturdy shoulder of Brewster in your life like myself, then there are pre-orders open for these.



Isabelle Plush
Mr. Resetti
Tom Nook

Now, I know a lot of people have been loving the handful of Microsoft games that have been releasing on the Switch recently. Cuphead, Super Lucky’s Tale, and maybe the best of all is Ori and the Blind Forest, a delightful metroidvania-type game that suits the system well. And one thing people talk about is the amazing soundtrack.


Well, Iam8bit are producing a reissue of the vinyl 2LP set for the first game (which is on the Switch), plus a brand new release for the sequel, which sadly isn’t on the Switch (yet). But anyways, you can pre-order this soundtrack now from the IAm8Bit website, or later on PlayAsia if you really want to support us. Up to you!

Ori and the Blind Forest LP
Ori and the Will of the Wisps


I could talk more about Final Fantasy VII stuff from last week, but I’ve got to be honest, they are milking that bad boy dry. Soundtracks excellent, figurines wonderful. But tape? Tape? Shinra keep out tape? I mean, that’s one heck of a way to sell tape at a premium price… and I kind of want it. But yeah, there are so many FF7 stuff going up these days that it’s bewildering.

Final Fantasy VII Polygon Figures
Limited Edition Soundtrack
Standard Soundtrack
Vinyl Soundtrack Select
Sephiroth Statuette


Right, guys. Hope you enjoyed this episode of New Physical Releases. What has taken your fancy this week? Be sure to check out last week’s episode in case you missed it. You can check up the roundup compilation I did of the imports from March, and perhaps check out James’ bargains video for the massive Spring Sale going on this week.

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