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6 Switch Games Coming Out This Week

Last week we saw some great games release, but we have 6 Switch Games this week as well! Let’s check these out and see what we have in store.

Kentucky Route Zero – Tuesday, January 28th

First up, Kentucky Route Zero is a “magical realist adventure game in five acts.” The TV edition includes all five acts as well as the interludes. Explore a secret highway that winds through underground caves, and meet the people that live and work there.

Actual Sunlight – Tuesday, January 28th

Next up, explore the life of Evan Winter, a depressed and lonely young man. Actual Sunlight is a short interactive story that explores love, depression, and the corporation. Experience what the developers describe as pitch black humor in this story!

Coffee Talk – Wednesday, January 29th

6 switch games

After that, there’s a coffee shop simulation in which you serve people coffee while you listen to their problems. Experience an alternative version of Seattle, with elves, succubi, aliens, and more! The game has 90’s style pixel art and jazzy music.  Not only that, there are branching storylines for you to explore! Will you brew up a storm in this coffee simulator?

Skellboy – Thursday, January 30th

6 switch games

Next, the evil court magician accidentally summoned an ancient hero named Skippy. Travel across the kingdom inside of your resurrected skeleton body. Swap out body parts and acquire new abilities as you travel across the lands! Experience an action RPG in an expansive single player game!

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Aviary Attorney: Definitive Edition – Thursday, January 30th

In addition to those games, play as Monsieur Jayjay Falcon, a bird of prey lawyer in 1840s France. With the help of his apprentice, Sparrowson, you’ll take on clients and interview witnesses. You’ll collect evidence and mete out justice! Enjoy art by a nineteenth century caricaturist and music by a romantic era composer as you play as a bird lawyer!

Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition – Friday, January 31st

Finally, play as a bouncer in post-Brexit Britain. The government rounds up citizens of the European Union and exiles them. Make enough money as a bouncer, and you might be able to stay! Check IDs and determine if people are allowed entrance. If you do well, you’ll make the money you need. Will you stay out of trouble, or will you join the resistance? Only you can decide!

There Are Your New Releases!

Thank you for reading 6 Switch Games Coming Out This Week. We certainly have a whole bunch of diverse and interesting games to check out. What will you buy? Most importantly, let us know in the comments below what you think!

As always, thank you for stopping by for your Switch-related news and needs. Don’t forget to check out our favorite YouTubers at SwitchWatchTV as well. Hope you have a wonderful week!

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